SPFW 2011 Autumn Winter: Shoes And Sandals Varied

Continuing the saga of the fashion trends autumn winter 2011 in São Paulo Fashion Week. The boots of the SPFW not surprised as much as shoe lovers have been waiting for.

Let’s see the rest of the SPFW parades? The sandals and shoes darlings …

In General, the heels are lower and more squares. There is room for grasshopper. He has not been forgotten in the winter. The Platform continues. Half leg and anabela. The sandal anabela is the darling of the time. Anabela black sandal is a “wild card” for the everyday life.

The black force, especially in sandals. Brown appears in applications and in shoes. A curiosity is that many collections possessed the white version of the shoes and sandals. I always find unprecedented white in winter. The combination with the colors white and black gives an air retro shoes. Personally, I think this color combination quite elegant and classic.

The parade of Ronaldo Lemos showed sandals and shoes with bow details on cinnamon and poá 3D (these balls in shoe) which guarantees a lot of romanticism and femininity to the feet. The moorings appear on your shoes and sandals into strips that go over the foot and, in some cases, are many comics. Cardarços appeared even in sandals! Cute.

The SPFW surprised not so much this year in terms of shoes, with the exception of Reinaldo Lourenco with these chiquetosos and feminine shoes. The Fashion Rio brought most interesting thing, in my view.

Curiosity: sandal + half for the winter. You just need to know how to use. I put this tip sets on the site – Digital Woman how to use tights and sandals. Worth a look.