Stabilized 4K – Handheld – Kamera with Iphone and Android Support

Already 1 derived handheld camera in January at CES was introduced of the Quadricopter inspire a DJI. The small is now officially available camera stick under the name DJI Osmo.

DJI not only for his small hobby Quadcopter of the phantom series is known for some time. In addition to major camera platforms of the spreading wings series offered a compact Quadcopter with interchangeable camera from his own home with the inspire 1.

You now offers the small handheld camera DJI Osmo the combination of this camera and the experiences that Ronin has made the company from production of the camera gimbal, which will record up to 4 k. Osmo is but also with the other camera modules of DJI, the X 5 and X5Rcompatible.

As shown in the video, the camera can be connected directly to an iPhone or Android Smartphone via Wi-Fi and controlled with the help of the DJI GO app. The connected Smartphone will also help the viewfinder.

The gimbal has various modes that can be selected with the help of a small trigger button on the front of the handle. Also on the front of the handle is a jack for an external microphone.

On the back a small joystick, manually move the camera is also next to the record button.

The camera itself can be replaced with other modules as mentioned. Owner of inspire 1 can for example their camera in combination with the stick use.

The supplied default camera module X 3 with 12 MP maximum in 4 K and 24/25 fps records. In 1080 p can be filmed at up to 120 frames per second, making a slow motion effect can be achieved.

For the fans of normal photos, DJI offers some special modes. So, for example, Automatic Panorama photos can be created, in which the camera automatically performs the necessary movements.

In combination with the recently introduced camera modules X, 5 and X5R the camera upon request can be extended. So, then also micro-four-thirds lenses can combined with the small gimbal.

The compact design of the DJI Osmo offers creative minds clearly more room, as was the case so far with the Ronin. But the new gimbal is also priced much more attractive.

In Germany, the DJI Osmo now, at a price of 749 euro is available. The delivery time is currently 5-7 working days.

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