State Route 11 and 152 in Oklahoma

State Route 11 in Oklahoma

Get started Alva
End Tulsa
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→ Oklahoma City / Wichita




Tisdale Parkway

Mohawk Boulevard

Lewis Avenue

→ Tulsa / Bartlesville

Harvard Avenue

Yale Avenue

Apache Street

Tulsa International Airport

Pine Street

→ Tulsa / St. Louis

State Route 11 or SR-11 is a state route in the U.S. state of Oklahoma. The road is also written as the OK-11 or SH-11. The route forms a secondary link between Tulsa and central northern Oklahoma. The road is called the Gilcrease Expressway in Tulsa. The highway section is 9 kilometers long, the total route 335 kilometers.

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Travel directions

The highway begins at Interstate 244, and initially runs north. It is the primary access road for Tulsa Airport. Here the highway bends to the west. There are 2×2 lanes available. The highway ends at US 75, the Cherokee Expressway from Tulsa to Bartlesville. The road then continues as a secondary road to the northwest and ends in Alva.


The Gilcrease Expressway in Tulsa was originally just the opening of the Tulsa airport. The first part opened in 1966 at the airport, and then did not connect to other highways. That happened in 1971 when a short southward extension to I-244 was opened. It was not until much later, in 1988, that the westbound extension to US 75 (Cherokee Expressway) opened. It was not until more than 20 years later that the highway was extended westward again, to the Tisdale Parkway.

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Opening history

Highway route through Tulsa.

From Unpleasant Length Opening
Apache Street Pine Street 3 km 1966
Pine Street I-244 2 km 1971
US 75 Apache Street 4 km 1988
Tisdale Parkway US 75 4 km 2009


The Gilcrease Expressway is to ring around Tulsa in the future, running from Interstate 44 in west Tulsa to northwestern Tulsa. This section is also known as the Tisdale Expressway.

Traffic intensities

The Gilcrease Expressway on the north side of Tulsa is quiet with 22,000 to 27,600 vehicles per day.

State Route 152 in Oklahoma

Get started sweet water
End Oklahoma City
Length 149 mi
Length 240 km
Texassweet water


New Cordello




Airport Road

John Kilpatrick Turnpike

Council Road

MacArthur Boulevard

Meridian Avenue

State Route 152 is a state route and partial freeway in the U.S. state of Oklahoma. The road forms an east-west route from the Texas border through Sayre to Oklahoma City. A small portion of the route in Oklahoma City is a freeway. State Route 152 is 150 miles long.

Travel directions

State Route 152 begins on the Texas state border, and SH 152 continues on the Texas side to Pampa. The road then heads east through the prairies of Western Oklahoma. The landscape is flat to rolling and the pitches are quite far apart. State Route 152 is a regular single-lane road. Nearly every place on the route crosses a north-south US Highway. State Route 152 runs parallel to Interstate 40 for some distance, west of Sayre, State Route 152 runs north, and east of Sayre, it runs southerly than I-40. At Minco the road jumps a bit to the north and then enters the Oklahoma City region. The firstsuburb in Mustang, but the road is single-lane until the short freeway section begins in Oklahoma City. The highway section is 8 kilometers long and runs north of Will Rogers World Airport. The highway ends at an interchange with Interstate 44.


About 1926-1927 the road from Sayre to Minco became a State Highway, then State Highway 41. About 1934 the number was extended eastwards into Oklahoma City. In about 1939 the western part between the border with Texas and Sayre became part of State Highway 41. In 1954 the entire route was renumbered as State Highway 154. In Oklahoma City the road ran over Newcastle Boulevard.

Presumably in the 1970s the first highway section was built, between MacArthur Boulevard and I-44. In 2006, the western section opened from Council Road to MacArthur Boulevard. The highway was originally unnumbered, but has been part of State Highway 154 since 2004, when that number was moved from Newcastle Boulevard to the highway.

Traffic intensities

Outside the places on the route, the road usually has 1,500 to 2,500 vehicles per day between Sayre and Mingo. This only increases to 3,300 vehicles on the outskirts of Mustang, then increases to 18,000 vehicles in Mustang. The Oklahoma City portion of the highway handles between 18,000 and 48,000 vehicles per day, ascending west to I-44.

State Route 152 in Oklahoma

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