State Route 172 and 175 in Wisconsin

State Route 172 in Wisconsin

Begin Hobart
End Bellevue
Length 12 mi
Length 19 km

→ Appleton / Marinette

Ashland Avenue

Riverside Drive

Webster Avenue

Monroe Road

→ Milwaukee

State Route 172 is a state route in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The road is largely a freeway and forms the southern bypass of the city of Green Bay. The route is 19 kilometers long, of which 12 kilometers as a freeway.

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Travel directions

De State Route 172 in Green Bay.

State Route 172 begins just outside Green Bay in the village of Hobart on State Route 54. The road continues past the Green Bay airport before becoming a freeway. It crosses Interstate 41 on the west side of Green Bay, after which the highway forms the city’s southern bypass, with 2×2 to 2×3 lanes. They cross the Fox River, whereupon the highway ends at an interchange with Interstate 43.


In the 1940s to 1960s, the route of State Route 172 was changed several times. State Route 172 has been assigned to the current route since the mid-1970s. In 1975, the western portion of Green Bay’s southern bypass opened from I-41 (then US 41) to Webster Avenue. In late 1984, the eastern section continued to open up to I-43. The route was entirely a freeway at the time, but the numbering was extended westward to State Route 54 in 1988, this section is not a freeway.

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Traffic intensities

Every day, 77,000 vehicles travel on the bridge over the Fox River, dropping to 47,000 vehicles at the I-43 terminus.

Wisconsin State Route 175

Get started Milwaukee
End Milwaukee
Length 58 mi
Length 93 km
Stadium Freeway→ Madison

Wisconsin Avenue

Martin Drive

Washington Boulevard

Lloyd Street

Lisbon Avenue


Menomonee Falls




Fond du Lac

State Route 175 is a state route in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. The road forms a largely secondary north-south route between Milwaukee and Fond du Lac. State Route 175 largely parallels Interstate 41, but forms a short highway in Milwaukee itself, the Stadium Freeway. The highway is 3 kilometers long, the total route is 93 kilometers long.

Travel directions

State Route 175 begins at the Stadium Interchange with Interstate 94. State Route 341 forms the southern portion of the Stadium Freeway. The highway has 2×3 lanes and heads north through residential areas and ends at Lisbon Avenue after 3 kilometers.

The road follows Lisbon Avenue for only a short distance and then changes to Appleton Avenue. This is an urban arterial with 2×2 lanes and traffic lights. In northwest Milwaukee it follows the interchange with Interstate 41. The road then continues in 2×2 lanes to the suburb Menomonee Falls. The road then becomes a single carriageway and heads north through the countryside, with a few villages on the way up to Fond du Lac. Interstate 41 parallels State Route 175 for a short distance here, so this road has secondary importance. In the south of Fond du Lac the road ends at US 151.


State Route 175 follows the original route of US 41 in Wisconsin, and originally ran from Milwaukee to Oshkosh. In the 1950s, the new double-lane route of US 41 was completed, which was later converted to a freeway and has been numbered I-41 since 2015. In 2007, the northern terminus was shortened from Oshkosh to Fond du Lac.

In Milwaukee, the route was originally part of US 41, including the Stadium Freeway and Appleton Avenue. In 2015, this was renumbered as State Route 175, which was an extension of US 41, and thus extended to I-94 at the Stadium Interchange. This is because the US 41 and I-41 have started running through the Milwaukee region on the same route.

Stadium Freeway

The Stadium Freeway is one of the older freeways in Wisconsin. US 41 ran on its northern part, from the Stadium Interchange with I-94 to Lisbon Avenue. The first part of this opened in 1961, from National Avenue to Vliet Street. The southern portion of this is numbered as State Route 341. In 1962 the rest of the highway opened from Vliet Street to Lisbon Avenue.

The Stadium Freeway was originally planned as a much longer highway, from the Airport Freeway (I-894/I-43) north to Cedarburg, paralleling and west of I-43. The vast majority of this route has not been built, so the Stadium Freeway is now just a spur, numbered partly State Route 175, partly State Route 341.

Wisconsin State Route 175

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