State Route 24 and 25 in Nebraska

State Route 24 in Nebraska

Begin Norfolk
End Stanton
Length 10 mi
Length 17 km

State Route 24, also known as Highway 24 is a state route in the U.S. state of Nebraska. The road provides a short connection between Norfolk and Stanton in the east of the state. Highway 24 is 17 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

Highway 24 begins on the southeast side of the city of Norfolk on US 275 and then heads southeast to the village of Stanton. The road parallels the Elkhorn River and ends in Stanton on Highway 57.

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Highway 24 was one of the original state highways of 1921. At the time, the highway formed an east-west route from Eagle to Murray in southeastern Nebraska, east of the state capital Lincoln and south of Omaha. With the major renumbering of 1925, it became a longer east-west route from Lincoln to the Iowa border at Nebraska City. This was an important link and the road was renumbered as part of Highway 2 in the early 1930s. In the late 1930s, the number was assigned to the current road between Norfolk and Stanton.

Traffic intensities

9,000 vehicles drive daily in Norfolk and 3,500 vehicles on the outskirts of Norfolk before dropping to 2,900 vehicles at Stanton.

State Route 25 in Nebraska

Get started Trenton
End Sutherland
Length 88 mi
Length 141 km

Hayes Center



State Route 25, also known as Highway 25 is a state route in the U.S. state of Nebraska. The road forms a north-south route in the southwest of the state, from the Kansas border south of Trenton to the South Platte River in Sutherland. Highway 25 is 141 kilometers long.

Travel directions

Highway 25 begins south of Trenton on the border with the state of Kansas, where State Route 25 enters Kansas from Colby. One then reaches the valley of the Republican River and crosses US 34 in the village of Trenton. The road heads north across the prairies, a mix of uncultivated rangeland and circular irrigation. Highway 25 runs just west of parallel US 83. There are only a few small villages on the route, just before its terminus in the South Platte River valley, it crosses Interstate 80 and Highway 25 ends at US 30 in the village of Sutherland.


Highway 25 was one of the original state highways of 1921, at that time the road ran north-south from the Kansas border at Chester to Fairmont, about 300 kilometers east of the current route. With the 1925 renumbering, this became Highway 4, but would become part of major US 81 shortly after. The number was then assigned to an east-west route from Geneva to Tecumseh in southeastern Nebraska between 1925 and 1927-1928.

In the early 1930s the number was assigned to the current route in southwestern Nebraska, but initially the route was incomplete, and consisted of a gravel road from the border with Kansas to Trenton, and a gravel road a little more north from US 6 to Hayes Center. The rest was still missing. In the 1940s, the northern section between Wallace and Sutherland was constructed as a gravel road. On a level of detail, the three segments of Highway 25 also ran through the grid differently than they do today.

In the mid-1950s the southernmost part as far as Trenton was asphalted. Also in the 1950’s a temporary double numbering with the then Highway 17 between Hayes Center and Wallace was created, which ran further west than the current road, via the hamlet of Grainton. In the late 1950s, a new tarmac road was built between US 6 and Hayes Center, running slightly to the east. The old branch from Palisades has since been renumbered as Highway 25A. At the end of the 1950s, the northernmost part from Sutherland was also asphalted. In the early 1960s, the pavement was extended southwards to Wallace.

The double numbering between Highway 17 and 25 between Hayes Center and Grainton was removed in the early 1960s, this part was then only numbered as Highway 25 and was also the only piece of gravel road of the then Highway 25, but the part between US 34 Trenton and US 6 were also completely missing, traffic had to take a detour via Culbertson. With this, it took quite a while for Highway 25 to form an integral north-south route. It wasn’t until about 1977 that the route between Hayes Center and Wallace was straightened out. The old western route via Grainton has since ceased to be a state highway. The latest adjustment was the construction of the shortcut between Trenton and US 6, which was opened around 1979. This completed Highway 25 after years of upgrades and route changes.

Traffic intensities

Every day 500 vehicles drive from the Kansas border to Trenton, which fluctuates between 400 and 800 vehicles a day as far as Wallace. The northernmost part from Wallace to Sutherland is slightly more traveled with 700 to 1,500 vehicles.

State Route 25 in Nebraska

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