State Route 373, 377, 386, 387 and 389 in Arizona

State Route 373 in Arizona

Get started Greer
End SR-260
Length 4 mi
Length 6 km

State Route 373 is a state route in the U.S. state of Arizona. The road forms a short north-south link in the east of the state, connecting the mountain village of Greer with State Route 260 west of Eagar. State Route 260 is 6 kilometers long, and 800 vehicles use it daily.

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State Route 377 in Arizona

Get started Heber
End Holbrook
Length 34 mi
Length 54 km

State Route 377 is a state route in the U.S. state of Arizona. The road forms a diagonal north-south route in the northeast of the state, from near Heber to near Holbrook. The road is 54 kilometers long.

Travel directions

The road begins northeast of the village of Heber at an intersection with State Route 277. The road here runs through the edge of the wooded area, but heads northeast across the barren Colorado Plateau. The differences in height are small, the road usually runs at an altitude of 1,600 to 1,800 meters. There are no places directly on the route, the road ends just south of the town of Holbrook on State Route 77.

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The State Route 371 number was assigned to the road in 1971. The road handles through regional traffic between Holbrook and Payson. It’s actually part of the shortest route from Phoenix to northeastern Arizona.

Traffic intensities

Every day 2,000 vehicles use State Route 377, a relatively large number as there are no places directly on the route. All traffic is through.

State Route 386 in Arizona

Get started Kitt Peak National Observatory
End SR-86
Length 12 mi
Length 19 km
Kitt Peak National Observatory

State Route 386 is a state route in the U.S. state of Arizona. The road connects 12 miles (12 km) to the Kitt Peak National Observatory southwest of Tucson.

Travel directions

The road begins at 1,000 feet in the desert on State Route 86, about 60 miles west of the city of Tucson. The road then follows a winding route and ascends to Kitt Peak National Observatory at 2,096 meters, an astronomical observatory. The road is winding, but has no real hairpin bends. The entire road is asphalted.


The Kitt Peak National Observatory was built in the late 1950s and early 1960s on Kitt Peak, an isolated mountain in the otherwise flat Sonoran Desert. It is considered the most comprehensive astronomical observatory in the world. State Route 386 was assigned to the road leading there in 1967. The temperatures on the mountain are significantly less hot than in the desert around it.

Traffic intensities

Kitt Peak National Observatory.

Every day 180 vehicles use the road.

State Route 387 in Arizona

Get started Casa Grande
End SR-87
Length 16 mi
Length 25 km
Casa Grande

State Route 387 is a state route in the U.S. state of Arizona. The road provides a short connection between Casa Grande and State Route 87, south of the Phoenix area. The road is 25 kilometers long.

Travel directions

State Route 387 begins in downtown Casa Grande at an intersection with State Route 84 and State Route 287. In Casa Grande, State Route 387 is mainly a five-lane road including a center turn lane, between Casa Grande and the Interstate 10 connection it is a 2×2 divided highway through the flat desert. After I-10, the road curves east, then is a single-lane road until the intersection with State Route 87 west of Coolidge.


The southern portion of the route between Casa Grande and I-10 was originally part of State Route 187. State Route 387 was created in 1967 and then ran over I-10 to Sun Lakes on the southern edge of the Phoenix metropolitan area. It was later renumbered as State Route 587.

The road between Casa Grande and I-10 was widened to 2×2 lanes before 1996. This section is part of the most direct connection between Casa Grande and the Phoenix area. Casa Grande, like other places between Phoenix and Tucson, is growing quite fast.

Traffic intensities

Every day 17,000 vehicles drive into the center of Casa Grande and 18,000 to 21,000 vehicles continue to the junction with I-10. The east-west section onward to SR-87 handles 2,900 vehicles per day.

State Route 389 in Arizona

Get started Colorado City
End Fredonia
Length 33 mi
Length 52 km
UtahColorado City

Fredonia (alto)

The State Ruute 389 is a state route in the US state of Arizona. The road forms an east-west route in the far north of the state, through the Arizona Strip, from the Utah state border at Colorado City to Fredonia. State Route 389 is 52 kilometers long.

Travel directions

At the village of Colorado City, the road begins on the border with the state of Utah, on the other side State Route 59 continues in Utah to St. George. The road usually leads at an altitude of about 1,500 meters, with an arc south of a steep plateau. You do not cross any other through roads until the end point of Fredonia. There are no paved roads south to the Grand Canyon from here. In Fredonia the road ends at US 89 Alternate.


State Route 389 was assigned in 1960 to the current route, which was presumably also paved around that time. It is part of an east-west route between northern Arizona and Utah’s rapidly growing St. George region since the 1990s. The road leads through the Kaibab Indian Reservation and gives access to the Pipe Spring National Monument. However, the Grand Canyon is not accessible via paved roads in this region.

Traffic intensities

Every day 3,800 vehicles in Colorado City and 1,800 vehicles continue to Fredonia.

State Route 389 in Arizona

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