Stops and Dates of The Tour of Spain by ZTE

Already disclosed it the marketing manager of ZTE national, Jia Wei, at the meeting in which is noted the date and price of the launch of the ZTE Blade V7 in Spain. The veteran Chinese company will step up promotional efforts in our country over the coming months. And one of their actions will be a tour bus of the company by all Spain.

During the months of May and June, will make stops in 16 large cities in Spain, all in Peninsular. On the bus is can try commercial products of the company, both the mobile as its projectors-tablet. So your calendar has been made.

The tour departs from the South to coincide with the last League match of the Sevilla F.C. in their stadium before the end of the season. ZTE are convinced of the promotional potential that has the Andalusian team to sponsor since February, not only for their football results, but by the name of the city itself, which is recognized and recognizable around the world.

Another date which has been set in the calendar by the football team has been the May 21. The tour will go through Madrid this weekend to join Sevilla FC in the final of the Copa del Rey. He will end his trip along the North of the country.

Schedules and ZTE in Spain bus stops


  • Murcia: May 3-4
  • Seville: May 6-8
  • Córdoba: May 9-10
  • Malaga: May 11-12
  • Granada: May 13-14
  • Closed: May 16
  • Madrid: May 17-22
  • Alicante: May 24-25
  • Valencia: May 26-28
  • Valladolid: May 30-31


  • A Coruña: June 2-4
  • Pontevedra: June 6-7
  • Gijón: June 8-9
  • Bilbao: June 10-11
  • Pamplona: June 13-14
  • Barcelona: June 16-18
  • San Sebastian: June 20-21