Success of BBM in The Stores of Applications, Critical by False Estimations

Not everything was going to be bad news in BlackBerry, as you could guess by the numbers of downloads announced – 10 million in 24 hours-, the application should be located among the most sought-after of the respective app stores. When a free application with renowned appears, it is possible that quickly placed in conspicuous positions.

This was the case for example with Nokia HERE, maps were placed at number one during the first day of existence, but it then disappeared from the list with ease. The case of BBM began in a similar way – at international level, also in Spain – but going on the third day of availability, BlackBerry service continues between the two first posts the “free”.

It is impossible to know the real activity that have those applications if BlackBerry not tells us, that is which can see it on their servers, but we can not ignore the positive reception. Time will put every one on your website.

Glancing at data analyst Tero Kuittinen of BGR handling, we see how the implementation has been number one in downloads in 73 different countries (iPhone version), located especially in Latin America, Caribbean, Middle East and some European markets. More complicated it seems to have been located in the number two from the United States, but this has been.

The interest that may exist in the application may be determined by several factors: first, be free and want to try, that does not imply that they will leave in your phone. The second, that there are millions of old BlackBerry users who have gone to iOS or Android and would like to reuse your old method of communication.

Finally, and as discussed in the analysis of their arrival, the possibility that multiple applications of communication on our phones (something normal in countries such as Spain or Indonesia).

BlackBerry defends criticism

At the same time that the application works well in stores, have begun to appear many positive ratings on them. Too many “five-star” of users suspected of being related to the Canadian company, and too many equal texts.

The reality is that we find nearly 200,000 reviews in such a short time sounds rather strange, as he discovered Terence Eden (yours is the image of example of the kind of ratings). Reply has not time to arrive:

We have no knowledge of how to create those analysis. We do not approve or tolerate this type of activity. There are many useful comments of our new users of BBM on Google Play. We’d like to encourage our fans and users continue to provide true evaluations of the experience of BBM through appropriate channels

We currently have a case that serves as a precedent, that involves to Samsung and HTC, where the Korean company has been fined, and must pay for bad advertising for its rival in comments. Let us hope that such situations get that competition is more clean.