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Four major landscape units can be distinguished: 1. The northern hill country of Afghan Turkestan between the Amu Darya and the central mountain country, decreasing in height from 1800 m to 300-600 m. It is a fairly dry steppe area. 2. The central mountain country consisting of a number of ridges. From west to east: the Paropamisus (or Feros-Koh), more to the north the Band-i-Tourkestan, then the Koh-i-Baba massif (approx. 4000 m, highest peak Shah Folahdi 5140 m) which can be reached via the Bamian pass. passes into the Hindu Kush (peaks of 6300 m and higher, highest peak: Tirich Mir, 7700 m) which finally ends at the southern edge of the Pamir Mountains (dominated by the 3800 m high Baroghil Pass in the Wakhan region). 3. The plains of southern Afghanistan (300 to 900 m altitude); arid steppes, sand and pebble deserts (Registan, approx. 30000 km2; Dasht-i-Margo, approx. 40000 km2) and salt steppes. 4. The Suleiman Mountains on the border with Pakistan. This mountain range connects to the Hindu Kush via the Safed Koh mountain in which the famous Khyber (Kaiber) pass (2081 m) is located. See findjobdescriptions for Afghanistan Country Guide.

Afghanistan Economy Facts

Afghanistan Economy Facts

Economical overview Afghanistan has an artificial war economy, developed around the presence of foreign soldiers and the many international aid and development projects after the fall of the Taliban violence in 2001. This economy...

Afghanistan - When will There be Peace 3

Afghanistan: When will There be Peace? Part III

8: A regional problem In March 2009, President Obama presented his new strategy for Afghanistan, a country located in Asia according to thefreegeography.com. His most important changes are a narrowing of the objectives and...

Afghanistan - When will There be Peace 2

Afghanistan: When will There be Peace? Part II

5: US attacks and «wins» September 11 was a shock to Americans. Early on, President George W. Bush and his people demanded that the Taliban extradite bin Laden and crack down on the entire...

Afghanistan - When will There be Peace 1

Afghanistan: When will There be Peace? Part I

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world. Nevertheless, the great powers have been concerned with the area for hundreds of years. The British Empire fought three wars there. The Soviet Union...

The Global Yoke of Drugs 1

The Global Yoke of Drugs Part I

More people suffer a violent death outside the world’s war zones than in them. Tens of thousands are killed annually – directly or indirectly – as a result of criminals’ violence and other criminal...

The Global Yoke of Drugs 2

The Global Yoke of Drugs Part II

5: Norway – part of the drug industry A few years ago, some ambulance drivers from war-torn Lebanon received an internship in Oslo through the Norwegian Red Cross. They were jealous of our private...