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Types of Tourism in Australia

Types of Tourism in Australia

BEACH HOLIDAYS The main place for a beach holiday is the Gold Coast (Gold Coast), located between Sydney and Brisbane. The almost 40-kilometer sandy beach attracts not only Australians, but also many European connoisseurs...

Australia - Types of Vegetation

Australia – Types of Vegetation

The brush corresponds to the tropical and subtropical forest. It is found in moist, sheltered and rich soils, in the coastal area and in the tables of eastern Australia and reaches its greatest development in Queensland...

Australia Demographics 2000

Australia Demographics 2000

Population State included entirely in the southern hemisphere, between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The population of the Australia it remains very limited in relation to the vast extension of the available...

EU Skepticism 1

EU Skepticism in Tailwind Part I

What is happening to the EU’s reputation among the people? Is the EU in a fundamental crisis? Is the EU project screwed together incorrectly? What can the EU do to get out of the...