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Types of Tourism in Austria

Types of Tourism in Austria

EXCURSIONS The capital of Austria — Vienna is very beautiful. This is a traditional European city, famous for its many cozy cafes, where coffee is brewed according to various recipes. Vienna has more than...

What to See in Europe

What to See in Europe for the New Year

Winter holidays always create a special atmosphere: a fairy tale becomes real for a moment, and faith in miracles warms you with pleasant warmth. You can celebrate the New Year and Christmas with your...

Austria Demographics 1998

Austria Demographics 1998

With an estimated population (1998) of around 8. 140. 000 residents, to. it continued to record a slow demographic progression due – in strong prevalence – to foreign immigration in the 1990s from the...

Right-wing Radical Parties in Today's Europe 2

Right-wing Radical Parties in Today’s Europe Part II

POST INDUSTRIALIZATION : A key perspective in the analysis of the growing support of right-wing radical parties is the transition to a modern and post-industrial society. Globalization , deindustrialisation and increasing gender equality are...