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Bangladesh Economy Facts

Bangladesh Economy Facts

Economical overview Bangladesh has had a strong economic development since the 1990s and in July 2015, the World Bank upgraded the country from one of the world’s “least developed countries” to “middle-income countries”. Yet...

Bangladesh Power Change 3

Bangladesh Power Change Part III

– Grameen Bank changed my life, says the village woman Geddy, – Now I do not have to borrow money from Shamsul Huq. He does not have the roof on me anymore, she says....

Bangladesh Power Change 2

Bangladesh Power Change Part II

4: Soil and water give power In the 1970s, living standards and positions of power largely depended on how much land one owned. Shamsul Huq was the village’s largest landowner, a position he consolidated...

Bangladesh Power Change 1

Bangladesh Power Change Part I

In the late 1970s, Bhaimara (fictitious name) was a very poor village. Most of the people in the village owned little or no land and were completely dependent on seasonal work for landowners. With...