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Brazil Economy Facts

Brazil Economy Facts

Economical overview Brazil with its large population, its rich natural resources and its broad industrial sector could be one of the world’s strongest economies. But economic neglect, widespread corruption and a lack of educated...

Types of Tourism in Brazil

Types of Tourism in Brazil

BEACH HOLIDAYS The beaches of Brazil are famous for fine white sand and warm sea. The most popular resorts in the country are as follows. Angra dos Reis is a modern international tourist resort...

Brazil in the 2000's

Brazil in the 2000’s

On the eve of the year 2000, Brazil, heavily conditioned by serious financial problems, was unable to respond to the serious social questions that had always undermined his internal stability: the agrarian reform, whose...

China vs India

China, India, South Africa, and Brazil Part I

2: The four’s collaboration Cooperation between the four major developing countries only came about after China became a full member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001. The collaboration was triggered by Lula...

South Africa

Regional Superpowers on the World Stage Part III

In 2005, India and the United States reached an agreement on a strategic partnership, and a new agreement on defense cooperation was signed. This includes US arms deliveries, joint military exercises, joint training programs,...

From G8 to G20 1

From G8 to G20: Towards Global Governance? Part I

From 2010, the G20 will take over as a forum for economic coordination between the world’s most powerful countries, and the G8 will slip into the shadows. Does this mean global governance and more...