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Germany Economy Facts

Germany Economy Facts

Economical overview Since Germany, for a couple of decades around the turn of the millennium, was seen as an economic problem child among the EU countries, the German economy with its stable growth during...

Types of Tourism in Germany

Types of Tourism in Germany

SKIING Fans of skiing this country attracts prices in hotels and resorts – quite low compared to the rest of the Alps. But the ski slopes are mostly not difficult, since the elevation difference...

What to See in Europe

What to See in Europe for the New Year

Winter holidays always create a special atmosphere: a fairy tale becomes real for a moment, and faith in miracles warms you with pleasant warmth. You can celebrate the New Year and Christmas with your...

EU as a Peacemaker 1

EU as a Peacemaker Part I

A little over a hundred years after the outbreak of World War I, it is appropriate to commemorate both the beginning of the great war and how peace came into being. As Margaret MacMillan,...