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Israel Politics

State Structure and Political System of Israel

According to microedu, Israel is a parliamentary republic. Israel has developed a set of constitutional provisions, including a number of Basic Laws. Introduced separately over the years, these laws do not constitute an official...

Conflict in Israel

Conflict in Israel

Jewish settlements The Zionists created Israel by destroying 418 Palestinian villages and towns in 1948. By April 1949, the Israeli government had already installed 180,000 Jews in homes expropriated from Palestinians. He built settlements from 1967 and the...

Israel Culture

Israel Demography and Culture

Israel, officially the State of Israel. Middle Eastern country located on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered to the north by Lebanon, to the east by Syria, Jordan, the West Bank, to the west by the...

Israel Politics

Israel Politics and Economy

In Israel, three geomorphological regions are distinguished, from west to east: the Mediterranean coastal plain, the central mountain range and the Jordan Valley (the deepest depression on Earth). To these three regions, we must add the...