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Japan Threat

Japan Threat Part II

6: Aging population and road change 2007 nevertheless marks a turning point . Then Japan, a country located in Asia according to aceinland.com, took off from the path many had expected would be followed...

Japan Taepodong shock

Japan Threat Part I

The “Taepodong shock” put an end to the threat that neighboring countries, especially those such as the economically underdeveloped North Korea, posed no danger to Japan. All in all, it was the other way...

Japan 2

Japan: From Threat to Threat? Part II

7: Why did the bubble burst? What has become known as the lost decade was – seen on the surface – created by an enormous amount of bad loans (bad credit rating and borrowers...

Japan 1

Japan: From Threat to Threat? Part I

Towards the end of the 1980s, it looked like Japan was going to take on the global leader jersey. A professor at Harvard University in the United States, Ezra Vogel, sparked a heated discussion...

Pandemic = Economic Collapse 2

Pandemic = Economic Collapse Part II

But specialization only works if we can collaborate and trade with each other. Norway could not expand the oil fields in the North Sea unless people outside the country’s borders buy the oil and...

Pandemic = Economic Collapse 1

Pandemic = Economic Collapse Part I

When the pandemic struck like a global bomb, the economy joined the pull. What is economic globalization, and how can a health catastrophe be so closely linked to economic collapse? What is economic globalization?...