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Lithuania Brief History

Lithuania Brief History

PREHISTORY The most ancient human settlements, in southern Lithuania, date back to the upper Paleolithic (Swiderian aspects). There are also numerous Mesolithic finds, in particular Maglemosian (8th-5th millennium BC). Between the 4th and the...

Lithuania Travel Overview

Lithuania Travel Overview

GENERAL Official name of the state Republic of Lithuania. Capital Vilnius. Geography According to topschoolsintheusa, Lithuania is a Baltic state, it lies on the Baltic Sea and borders Latvia in the north, Poland and...

The biggest attraction in Žaliakalnis

Areas and Districts of Kaunas Part II

New side of the city center (Naujamiestis) The new side of the city center is a large area, although the most important places are close to the main boulevard that crosses the area. The...

Old Town

Areas and Districts of Kaunas Part I

Kaunas is a fairly widespread city, with a larger center than one might think. From a tourist point of view, there are two important areas in the city, the old town and the new...