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Morocco Market Opportunities

Morocco Market Opportunities

The unexpectedly strong blow that hit the Moroccan economy in connection with the covid-19 pandemic caused the first recession since 1995. Economic output even decreased by 15.1% in the second quarter of 2020. The...

Types of Tourism in Morocco

Types of Tourism in Morocco

BEACH The beaches of the Atlantic coast are sandy and wide, while the Mediterranean coast is steep and the beaches here stretch in a narrow strip along the coast. In some parts of the...

Moroccan cinematography

Morocco Literature and Cinematography

Literature. – Contemporary Moroccan literature is made up of different souls that coincide, intertwining, with the different linguistic expressions of the country, Arabic, Amazigh, or Berber, and French. In the 20th century. the rich...

Morocco Wildlife

Morocco Overview

Animals and Plants Morocco’s nature Like the landscape, Morocco’s flora and fauna are divided by the Atlas Mountains. The north-west is influenced by the Mediterranean and so typical plants and trees of this region...