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Burma Economy Facts

Myanmar Economy Facts

Economical overview Myanmar’s economy is divided into a legal and a hidden sector. The legal economy is characterized by agriculture and forestry, oil and natural gas extraction and light industry. In recent years, tourism...

Types of Tourism in Myanmar

Types of Tourism in Myanmar

BEACH HOLIDAYS The length of the country’s coastline is 1930 km. Along it (mainly in the northern part of the coast) there are picturesque bays with sandy beaches and numerous hotels. The most popular...

EU as a Peacemaker 3

EU as a Peacemaker Part III

5: The challenges ahead As the EU’s former High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, said on several occasions: How the EU operates in the neighboring areas will be crucial for...

Burma's Saffron Revolution 2

Burma’s Saffron Revolution Part 2

6: The UN has limited power India and China are the giants in Burma’s neighborhoods. China has been an important international ally of the junta since 1988, while India has pursued a more volatile...

Burma's Saffron Revolution 1

Burma’s Saffron Revolution

In September 2007, Burma’s Buddhist monks took to the streets to express their displeasure with poverty and misrule under the military junta’s iron heel. It had been 20 years since most Burmese had witnessed...

Places to Visit in Myanmar

Places to Visit in Myanmar

According to Internetsailors, the country of Myanmar is located in Southeast Asia and shares borders with Thailand, Laos, the People’s Republic of China, India, Bangladesh and the Bay of Bengal. The country is also...