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See itypeusa for Netherlands State Overview.

Zaandam, Netherlands

Zaandam, Netherlands

What do St. Petersburg and the town of Zaandam have in common, what is in the Netherlands? Climate, channels? Everything is so, and also the name of Peter I, the Great. It was in...

Vlissingen, Netherlands

Sights of Vlissingen, Netherlands

According to eshaoxing.info, Vlissingen is a popular tourist attraction in Zeeland. Most tourists come to the city to parade on the boulevard or enjoy a drink on one of the terraces at the Bellamypark....

Types of Tourism in Netherlands

Types of Tourism in Netherlands

BEACH HOLIDAYS There are more than 50 beach resorts on the coast of the North Sea and the West Frisian Islands. The beaches of the Netherlands have a total length of 280 km, rest...

Types of Tourism in Aruba

Types of Tourism in Aruba, Netherlands

BEACH HOLIDAYS Aruba is located near the equator, so favorable conditions for recreation are observed here all year round. The island is washed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, and sandy beaches...

What to See in Europe

What to See in Europe for the New Year

Winter holidays always create a special atmosphere: a fairy tale becomes real for a moment, and faith in miracles warms you with pleasant warmth. You can celebrate the New Year and Christmas with your...

Travel to Holland

Travel to Holland

The classic and romantic image of Holland depicts a multitude of canals, neatly decorated clogs, tulips in all the colors of the world and small, chubby mills. Add a bunch of golden sunflowers painted...