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Types of Tourism in Norway

Types of Tourism in Norway

ECOLOGICAL TOURISM. In Norway, ecological tourism is developed at a very high level. This is facilitated by beautiful nature and picturesque landscapes. There are a large number of nature reserves here. Among them are...

The Global Yoke of Drugs 1

The Global Yoke of Drugs Part I

More people suffer a violent death outside the world’s war zones than in them. Tens of thousands are killed annually – directly or indirectly – as a result of criminals’ violence and other criminal...

The Global Yoke of Drugs 2

The Global Yoke of Drugs Part II

5: Norway – part of the drug industry A few years ago, some ambulance drivers from war-torn Lebanon received an internship in Oslo through the Norwegian Red Cross. They were jealous of our private...

Norway Arts

Norway Arts

The first great artistic flowering of Norway dates back to the so-called migration period (5th-9th century), when the typically Nordic ornamental style was developed based on curvilinear and ribbon-like animalistic motifs of Scythian derivation;...