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Pakistan Economy Facts

Pakistan Economy Facts

Economical overview Pakistan is South Asia’s second largest economy after India. Since the nation’s inception in 1947, the economy has mainly been based on three pillars: agriculture, textile industry and remittances (money that Pakistani...

The ravages of war in the Swat Valley

Where is Pakistan Going? Part III

7: Pakistan after Musharraf For more than half of the country’s young history (1947–), the military has ruled Pakistan . The last period was with General Musharraf . He came to power in a...

Soldier on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan

Where is Pakistan Going? Part II

Pakistan has long been a close ally of the United States in South Asia. And the country’s efforts and support for the resistance movement (mujahedin) against the Soviets was one of several contributions to...

Where is Pakistan Going

Where is Pakistan Going? Part I

2008 was a bad year for Pakistan, a country located in Asia according to usaers.com. 2009 looks, if possible, even worse. The Taliban is advancing. We have witnessed some particularly serious terrorist attacks with...