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What to See in Europe

What to See in Europe for the New Year

Winter holidays always create a special atmosphere: a fairy tale becomes real for a moment, and faith in miracles warms you with pleasant warmth. You can celebrate the New Year and Christmas with your...

About Poland

About Poland

Poland is one of the few European countries that has been able to maintain its old appearance, most of the cities have not changed much over several centuries, which is why it is interesting...

Poland democracy and rights

Poland History – Democracy

The center-right and center-left governments that alternated at the helm of the executive during the 1990s failed to give political and economic stability to the country, which had also achieved some important objectives at...

Jaroslav Kaczynski - leader of the Law and Justice Party

Poland 2015 Part III

Some leading PiS representatives described Poland under the current government as almost under a German-Russian joint government ruled from Berlin, playing on anti-German and anti-Russian as well as strongly anti-immigrant sentiments among Polish voters....

Duda, Komorowski, Szydlo and Tusk

Poland 2015 Part II

At home, the incumbent power elite was challenged by a wiretapping scandal that seemed to undermine the already dilapidated trust in Polish government politicians. Their private and revealing conversations were intercepted by a “waiter...

What now, Poland

Poland 2015 Part I

2015 could be a special year in Polish – and possibly European – history books. For the first time in its recent history, Poland got a majority government with one governing party. It can...