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Jaroslav Kaczynski - leader of the Law and Justice Party

Poland 2015 Part III

Some leading PiS representatives described Poland under the current government as almost under a German-Russian joint government ruled from Berlin, playing on anti-German and anti-Russian as well as strongly anti-immigrant sentiments among Polish voters....

Duda, Komorowski, Szydlo and Tusk

Poland 2015 Part II

At home, the incumbent power elite was challenged by a wiretapping scandal that seemed to undermine the already dilapidated trust in Polish government politicians. Their private and revealing conversations were intercepted by a “waiter...

What now, Poland

Poland 2015 Part I

2015 could be a special year in Polish – and possibly European – history books. For the first time in its recent history, Poland got a majority government with one governing party. It can...