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PIIGs countries 2

Euro Countries – Meager Public Finances Part II

5: A euro crisis Euro co-operation consists of 17 EU member states , which have the euro as their common means of payment. The European Central Bank (ECB) is responsible for monetary policy for...

The Financial Crisis 2009 4

The Financial Crisis 2009 Part IV

Tighter regulations require – to varying degrees – international cooperation to be fully effective. Without such cooperation, banks may threaten to move to where they receive the most favorable terms. We can have what...

The Financial Crisis 2009 3

The Financial Crisis 2009 Part III

For such a system to work, banks that take greater risks than the usual “useful” banks must actually be able to go bankrupt. The idea is that the more speculative investment banks and other...

The Financial Crisis 2009 1

The Financial Crisis 2009 Part II

The distribution between the government spending the money itself and handing it over to households in the form of tax breaks varied between countries. One rule seems to be that the more social democratic...

The Financial Crisis 2009 1

The Financial Crisis 2009 Part I

In March 2009, it looked really dark for the world economy. Everything pointed downwards. Since then, stock markets around the world have risen significantly, and the fall in world trade has stopped. It may...

Portugal Literature Overview

Portugal Literature Overview

LITERATURE: THE ORIGINS The most ancient poetic texts are the cantigas de amor, with a Provençal influence, the cantigas de amigo, with an amorous theme, and those de escarnho and de maldizer, with a polemic and satirical...