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Spain Economy Overview

Spain Economy Overview

Starting from the civil war, Spain closed itself in a real political isolation: among other things, it was one of the very few states of Europe to remain neutral during the Second World War...

PIIGs countries 2

Euro Countries – Meager Public Finances Part II

5: A euro crisis Euro co-operation consists of 17 EU member states , which have the euro as their common means of payment. The European Central Bank (ECB) is responsible for monetary policy for...

The Basques and ETA 3

Terrorism: The Basques and ETA Part III

What’s happened? ETA and its political wing, Herri Batasuna , have experienced strong internal strife over the use of violence as a political tool, with consequent shelling and divisions. ETA has also not gone...

The Basques and ETA 1

Terrorism: The Basques and ETA Part I

In the summer of 2009, Basques again carried out terrorist acts in order to gain independence from Spain. The Spanish Constitution (from 1978) states that Spain is an indivisible nation consisting of several nationalities....

Attractions in Marbella

Attractions in Marbella

Spain’s pearl on the Costa del Sol not only has beautiful beaches to be proud of. In and around Marbella, there are plenty of sights and interesting cultural attractions that are worth visiting when...