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Taiwan Economy Facts

Taiwan Economy Facts

Economy Taiwan is considered to be one of the original so-called tiger economies, that is, the Asian states that, in the last century, quickly went from being disadvantaged and poor to strong economies. Taiwan...

Types of Tourism in Taiwan

Types of Tourism in Taiwan

EXCURSIONS In the north of Taiwan, the main attractions are the cities of Taipei and Tainan, the Yangmingshan Nature Reserve; in the central regions – the lake of the Sun and the Moon, the...

Pandemic = Economic Collapse 2

Pandemic = Economic Collapse Part II

But specialization only works if we can collaborate and trade with each other. Norway could not expand the oil fields in the North Sea unless people outside the country’s borders buy the oil and...

Pandemic = Economic Collapse 1

Pandemic = Economic Collapse Part I

When the pandemic struck like a global bomb, the economy joined the pull. What is economic globalization, and how can a health catastrophe be so closely linked to economic collapse? What is economic globalization?...