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Ukraine Economy Facts

Ukraine Economy Facts

Economical overview Ukraine’s path from planning economy to market economy has been tricky. A severe economic downturn characterized the 1990s and the robust growth that began at the turn of the millennium brought an...

Ukraine Market Opportunities

Ukraine Market Opportunities

The spread of covid-19 began to affect the Ukrainian economy at the beginning of March 2020. This was associated with the postponement of fairs, the cancellation of regional forums, the suppression of traffic, the...

Ukraine at Another Crossroads 3

Ukraine at Another Crossroads Part III

7: How does the outside world stand? What is happening in Ukraine is therefore not only interpreted as a struggle for political power in Ukraine. The struggle is also seen as a kind of...

Ukraine at Another Crossroads 1

Ukraine at Another Crossroads Part I

Almost ten years after the Orange Revolution, Ukraine is at a new crossroads. Since 21 November 2013, the Independence Square in the center of the capital Kiev has been controlled by protesters. The masses...

Ukraine at Another Crossroads 2

Ukraine at Another Crossroads Part II

4: Even steeper opposites This made little impression on the protesters. The introduction of new emergency laws , which prohibit protests in Ukraine (January 16, 2014), made the political fronts even steeper. To avoid...

Ukraine History and Culture

Ukraine History and Culture

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe with (2018) around 45 million residents; The capital is Kiev. Education There is a nine-year compulsory schooling from the age of 6/7 years. According to topschoolsintheusa, the...