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Ukraine at Another Crossroads 3

Ukraine at Another Crossroads Part III

7: How does the outside world stand? What is happening in Ukraine is therefore not only interpreted as a struggle for political power in Ukraine. The struggle is also seen as a kind of...

Ukraine at Another Crossroads 1

Ukraine at Another Crossroads Part I

Almost ten years after the Orange Revolution, Ukraine is at a new crossroads. Since 21 November 2013, the Independence Square in the center of the capital Kiev has been controlled by protesters. The masses...

Ukraine at Another Crossroads 2

Ukraine at Another Crossroads Part II

4: Even steeper opposites This made little impression on the protesters. The introduction of new emergency laws , which prohibit protests in Ukraine (January 16, 2014), made the political fronts even steeper. To avoid...

Ukraine History and Culture

Ukraine History and Culture

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe with (2018) around 45 million residents; The capital is Kiev. Education There is a nine-year compulsory schooling from the age of 6/7 years. According to topschoolsintheusa, the...