Test: Speaker Burmester B-10

The Nobel manufacturer Burmester is reputed to produce mainly large and heavy components. But now comes the compact box B 10 in the program, which doesn’t cost the Earth with 3400 euro per pair. And the Berliner sounds really good.

Slumber long time in labs and some ideas see the light of day only when they are discovered by chance. Something like the story must have unfolded Dieter Burmester, the founder and Chief of the Berlin Nobel factory, the new B-10.

For his private recording studio guitarist Burmester of its technicians had can make a surveillance monitor , which was allowed to take up little space and had to meet his strict ears. He could have also an external box, but it’s not the style of the House. The first nameless prototype was there probably for a long time without larger consequences, although are all involved agreed that the pattern boxes developed not yet to an end already strikingly confidently went to the thing.

An precision Studio monitor

Long, there were also concerns whether the customers set on perfection of the House would appreciate a compact speaker with limited bandwidth. But when the sales from the blank got wind and vehemently demanded the implementation, even the boss of the House gave the order to drive the design with the usual care for series production his approval – and its developers.

Tools for baskets and front panels were only now been commissioned, because for two of the procedure would be simply too expensive. There were even minor changes to the chassis and switches also because industrially manufactured components have always slightly different properties than handmade laboratory samples.

The B 10, so the designation in the Burmester Boxing program, costs moderate 3400 euro per pair in the lowest execution and displays a series of characteristics that there is not a second time in the combination.

Compact boxes housing achieve high rigidity thanks to small volumes and surfaces of home and thus save less energy than standing speakers with equal wall thickness, but Burmester is not satisfied by this fundamental advantage.

So the baffle in the area of music is on doubled and almost five centimeters strong. On this wall is a solid aluminum plate which is screwed with the actual housing and gives the whole a superior stability, avoids the vibrations. The aluminum is felt, which soothes the building again. The front panel hides the baskets and fixtures of the chassis, is also an aesthetic profit.

The chassis are also anything but ordinary. The bass-midrange speaker comes from the same manufacturer that manufactures also the driver for the Porsche Panamera, if that is ordered from the factory with the noble Burmester plant. The 17 cm wide chassis carries a glass fiber membrane, which is coated with a damping resin, to avoid the dreaded signs of awakening in the upper midrange.

At the tweeter was chosen on a fairly exotic spot with a ring-shaped membrane, which is supported inside and out by a high damping bead. Compared to conventional tweeters with unilaterally suspended membrane, a more precise movement can be achieved.

The ring consists of lighter titanium foil instead of fabric, Atypically for the design. Despite their high rigidity, no resonance peaks in the frequency response can be seen at high frequencies. These irons effectively off the double suspension.

The two-way system is controlled by a rather complex crossover, in which a kind of local filter is integrated. Via a small switch on the Terminal, users can enable a high-pass filter and affect the volume of the bass. Read more about this useful circuit in the ‘ bass filter ‘ box below.

Very dedicated sound

In the sample stage, Burmester B 10 has trimmed precision and ESS. The low-midrange driver had to endure countless tone burst measurements about themselves, until the exact design was clear. Not to jeopardize the vitality by too much insulation material, the entire interior are but not at the B 10 mainly that attenuated by walls in the housing.

All these measures are immediately audible. Despite strong fundamental interests and the physicality of sound images associated, the small Burmester left a very accurate and adult impression which may positively surprise home-made connoisseur.

Actually, sounds so gripping to the B-10 over long distances and engaged as otherwise only much larger transducer, without neglecting therefore compact boxes typical benefits such as naturalness and exact space.

The Velvet smoothness of 1100 euro consulted for comparison, not quite achieved the Burmester more expensive 805 by B & W (test 12/11), she keep at it but also so close, that one may get seriously ponder as a prospective buyer. Especially since the B 10, what of the vitality, even is.