The 4G from Vodafone Prepaid Along with The Renewal of Rates Becomes Yu, The New Yusers

Vodafone yu:, born year and a half ago as a family oriented mostly to the youth sector rates since it includes calls and unlimited messaging between community yu, debuts new image on April 7 along with renewed rates to be transformed in rates yusers to welcome the 4 g prepaid as a main novelty.

A service that henceforth known as #vodafoneyu that updates its three rates for prepaid card, Rounding out your monthly premium including VAT and increasing the megabytes at maximum speed each mode with which you can now navigate if you have a smartphone 4 G speeds of up to 150 Mbps in areas with extended coverage.

Three new rates yusers maintain the same minutes and including SMS to destinations not #vodafoneyu 20, 60 and 100 minutes respectively while increase the megs in the mode Basic to 600 MB (before 500 MB by 32 cents less), to 1.2 superyuser GB (before 1 GB / 48 cents less) and a 1.6 GB in megayuser (formerly 1.5 GB for 64 cents less).

In terms of excess data will continue to reducing speed to last 30 days from the start of the bonus or will allow renew rate yuser anytime as an alternative to the extra bonds of contract but with the advantage that will accumulate the minutes or megabytes that not have had consumed while rates continue renewing automatically.

Yuser’s new rates complete the renewal of rates initiated this week with easy rate without fees that replaced the old XS8, leaving the complete range of rates prepaid Vodafone in the following way:

After the renewal, Vodafone becomes in the first operator to include 4G in its rates prepaid by what might be necessary to push not only to happen the same operators rival if not to are allowed to the MVNO’s to begin to offer new rates that are possible with LTE.

Contract, unchanged rates

Vodafone returns to extend the promotional period to recruit the Giga Base rate and rate network S until April 30 While that rate contract yu so far despite being already single rate without rounding to include VAT. It seems that Vodafone reserves this improvement for later…