The Co-Founders of BlackBerry Is Raise Repurchase The Company

To date, it is not all clear is the future that awaits you to BlackBerry. For the moment, the only offer firm which owns the Canadian company is Fairfax, but as we said yesterday, does not rule out a sale by divisions since Fairfax does not seem to have managed to put together the money offered. In this way, and to be available for fragments, they may appear new stakeholders and they are already playing some names.

Another possibility is that was released just a few hours ago: Mike Lazaridis and Doug Fregin, original co-founders of RIM, they are exploring the possibility of doing with the company. Currently have 8% of the shares of the same so they have had to make public his intentions to the regulatory authorities.

Lazaridis founded RIM in 1984 and remained at the head of the company until 2012, when he resigned as CEO. Since then is Thorsten Heins who takes control. Interestingly, Lazaridis in 2010 said the future was on phones that not only they have touch screen, something that shows very well the lack of vision of the future at the front of the RIM. Does not stop being curious that one of the primarily responsible for the decline of BlackBerry is now one of the candidates to take over the control of the same.