The Controversy Suplex Legging

Smart and functional for your fabric construction, the suplex is geared for fitness, as it provides speed and flexibility. Many people swear that he make miracle, I don’t agree that much. 9:00 pm every 10 women must have a suplex in the wardrobe.Among the most popular pieces are the “leggings”.

The legging is a great companion to the Academy or exercises where prioritizes comfort and mobility. Here in the South the suplex leggings are a fever. Although many people do not see any problem in this play, the suplex highlights and expands our imperfections, and even has a sculptural body end up sinning when using this type of pants at any time, once the tissue exposes the body and ends up leaving the look not so cool.

Suplex in academia or in time to exercise?


In The Club, At Work, Or For A Walk?

You can use anything you want YES, but worth keeping a critical eye and common sense to prevent select too much something you don’t want to show. The thinner for example tend to be half transparent according to the lighting.

Everything Has It!

For who is a fan of leggings and don’t give up do other activities with her, a suggestion is to opt for more structured fabrics that do not expose both the curves. To balance the look look-shirts or blouses with matching more soltinhas, preferably covering the hip. Feet opt for sneakers, oxfords or heel. Riding Boots make the look more stylish. Forget sandals and platform boots.

To laugh:

More radical would be to say that it’s not legging pants… I’ve talked about it here, but for those who do not know, I recommend the tumblr, there are published pictures of people’s “No Pants” around. The blog is a fun way to learn how not to use leggings.