The Creator of CyanogenMod Leaves Samsung, But What Makes Praising The S4 Galaxy

Steve Kondik It is one of the celebrities of the Android world. The creator of ROM CyanogenMod It was signed in August 2011 by Samsung to work on their Android devices, but in an article in your account from Google + Kondik has indicated that He left his work in the company.

In this farewell Kondik focuses on praising the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4, and it does not give details about what will be in the future, explaining that he simply decided to “do something new”.
Kondik, who has already updated your page to reflect its new position, has not explained the reasons for his departure, but it has made it clear that the Samsung Galaxy S4 “it seems to be somewhat stronger than the S3”.

In another comment Kondik talks about the possibilities of the device: “in what refers to the specifications, this device leaves the competition biting the dust. There are a number of unique features that have much potential)assuming that Samsung will open an API for them”) as the touchscreen that can record events of”hover”, or infrared sensor”.

We will be attentive to know the plans of a Kondik has simply indicated that we will know something more “in a couple of months”. His work on CyanogenMod will not be affected, but it will be interesting to see where heading his steps.

For those who have thought to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4, one interesting detail. In your last sentence you warns that will buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (and not the model with the Exynos 5 Octa) because according to him “CyanogenMod should work wonderfully on it”.