The Fleeting Passage of Blackberry by MWC 2014

BlackBerry It is present at the Mobile World Congress, but their presence has passed fairly unnoticed. They have lost potential, and it shows in this fairs: they have not presented any new smartphone key in your catalog of products for the remainder of the year, although they have given information about a couple of new models. In a very timid way, everything is said.

That is more or less real is the BlackBerry Z3, a low price which for now only available in Indonesia Z10. Few characteristics which were disclosed indicate a 5 inch screen, BlackBerry 10.2 and a price that is estimated is below 200 dollars. Yes it is important facing the industry to know that this is the first smartphone to BlackBerry manufactured with Foxconn, following an agreement that will last five years. With a coming soon leave open the release date.
Another story is the BlackBerry Q20, a successor to the current Q10. Terminal where the more interest we could put has reached the MWC on paper, have been formally presented. In other words, BlackBerry says that the Q20 will launch it in the second half of the year, you will have a 3.5-inch touchscreen (slightly larger than the Q10, 3.1 inch) and where it will have the leading role. the return of the optical trackpad, that was lost in the transition from the terminals with BB OS 7 to BB10. In view of the scarcity of data it seems that BlackBerry had much to count on the Mobile World Congress, and they have been forced to advance plans that are preparing for the second half of the year.

This image is not official, if not an image that circulates through the network… without confirmation from BB

Apart from the terminals and physical products Yes will be interesting to know that BlackBerry is developing BES12 to launch it to the companies at the end of the year, with a period of phase beta planned for summer and developments with regard to scalability and compatibility with BES10 and BES5. Nothing new, innovative or groundbreaking with what BlackBerry can punch on the table and say hey, here I am. A great disappointment that does nothing but confirm his evil moment, at the same time proposing a very dark and uncertain future for this historical company.