The Google Paranoid Android Apps Are Once Again Available

A few weeks ago that we told you about the end of the support to the package of Paranoid Android from Google Apps, one of the most valued by the users of the major developments based on Android Open Source Project.

Perhaps the effort made by the developer TKruzze after the Paranoid Android GApps constitute one of the biggest advantages of the ROM with respect to other developments of the Android scene, although his departure from the project in principle announced the end of the support to the prized package of applications.

However, today we have good news thanks to another user of xda-developers, the famous Forum of developers, where hellowasif is going to resurrect the Paranoid Android in Google Apps.

Thus, the Paranoid Android GApps return with support to all packages now known – pico, nano, micro, mini, full and stock, as well as also to various add-ins. In addition, the thread for reference, which I link here same has been changed.

If you doubt great news for those who like to install AOSP-based alternative developments at its terminals, and also for those who updated ROMs such devices already abandoned in as to support by manufacturers.

As always, the package It works perfectly with all kinds of ROMs made from the base of the Android Open Source Project, and if the commitment continues, there can be no more than affirm that it is the best package of Google Apps from the community.