The New Brand of Bathing Suits Drawn to Watercolors

The first collection has only 10 models, which are handmade by seamstresses in Lisbon.

Teresa Gonçalves is 19 years old, studying Law at the Law Faculty of Lisbon, and is enjoying the course. But there is another parallel passion-deep down, you just need to have pencil and paper around for life to be perfect

Since the kid who loves to draw. “[Last year] I began to think that my scribbles did not have to be on paper alone. And I remembered: “why not create a brand of bathing suits inspired by what you drew?”, Tells NiT.

The inspiration already had, it lacked who took in the raw material-the Italian lycra-and transformed it. The next step was to walk through Lisbon door-to-door. “It is not so easy to find dressmakers who do what we want by hand. Yes, because I did not want anything industrialized. “

After some time searching, Teresa found a seamstress who, with her team, accepted the project. It gave it the name of KATO Swimwear, a brand that, for now, is only for sale on the Internet.

To begin with, the girl made a collection of bathing suits and bikinis with 10 models (15 versions in all). “I wanted a very simple line, without ties and ribbons. A more classic and clean thing, “he explains.

To draw it, Teresa drew on “patterns of cases and notebooks”, but not only. “I gave a special touch to some models when drawing them in watercolors”.

The biggest difficulty-after that adventure in search of seamstresses-was to spread the brand on social networks. “I’ve never been very tied to Facebook, so I had to ask for help.” Help that came quickly. Five friends created the page and looked for some models on Instagram. The photo shoot was coordinated by the fashion company Mariana Anjo.

“Oh! And my mother, who also likes these things, was a great help. It still wants to be in a drawing phase, or in the session in Troy. “

The result can be seen in the brand Instagram and  Facebookpages. All models, regardless of whether they are bikinis or bathing suits, cost €65. There are sizes S, M and L. 

Click on the image to see the first collection of Kato Swimwear.