The New Portuguese Swimwear Brand Smacks of Brazil

Rita Lencastre and António Ferreira share love, a store and many swimwear items.

She is Rita Lencastre and she is 23 years old. He is António Ferreira and has 27. They have been boyfriends for five years and owners of the Açai Com Granola store in Leça da Palmeira since 2013. There they started selling clothes, shoes and accessories from Brazilian brands and Brazilian bikinis.

“Before we even had a showroom, but people always wanted to try the models at such different times that we decided to open a shop with fixed hours,” says Rita, a graduate in Hotel Management, to NiT.

Although the brand of Brazilian swimwear had much acceptance of the public, the pair thought it could create their own line of swimwear. “Brazilians have always been very focused on bikinis.There were not many bathing suits and we knew about this gap.That’s why we decided to invest in something with the same store name. ”

The decision was made in early 2017. Rita and Antonio noticed everything about sizes and shapes of bikinis, but they had no training in the area to draw them. However, this has never been a problem. “I took out paper and pencil and drew everything I wanted to do in my own way. And Antonio was giving his opinion.Then we knocked on the door of a factory in Guimarães, ” says Rita.

In this factory they were greeted by a dressmaker who helped them to better understand the idea and created the prototypes. In all there are eight models of bikinis and bathing suits with 24 colors and patterns. The material used is, as always, Italian (and also Spanish) lycra. “I have already explained that there is a type of Portuguese lycra in raw that can not be sublimated. It’s not as good as the other so we decided not to risk it, “he explains to NiT.

The first collection of Acai Com Granola is very inspired by tropical and ethnic patterns and the cuts, these, “are very Brazilian.” “After all, I know this market very well,” says Rita.

The models cost between € 63 and € 109 and are for sale onlineand at the store , which is Helena Vieira da Silva street, number 38. Click on the image to see the first collection.