The Our site Smartphone Leaderboard Spring 2013

The leaderboard presents itself this time by lots of newcomers differently than even in the winter. Neatly, especially at the top, there was movement.

  1. (new)HTC One

The newcomer has earned its top position: class design and ultra sharp FullHD display, coupled with innovative user interface with BlinkFeed news, BoomSound, and a class ultra pixel camera – no wishes stay open.

  1. (new)Samsung Galaxy S4

Already 10 million sold units in a month, the S4 is once again a mega success. To the top spot, it is despite rapid processor brilliant Super AMOLED-1. 080p display and giant battery, since it runs on the software gimmicks here and there still not about.

  1. (1)Sony Xperia Z

The first full HD Smartphone while losing its top spot, but is clearly one of the best mobile companions on the market. Features include a freewind quad-core processor, glass housing, protection from dust and water, and a 13-megapixel camera with Sony RS sensor.

  1. (2)Samsung Galaxy touch 2

The former top leaders has already a few months under his belt, and still that note 2 is still on full line.The excellent and huge 5.5 inch SuperAMOLED HD-display (1,280 x 720 pixels) with RGB output, the quad-core processor and the supposedly upcoming update to Android 4.2.2 make the device continues to be very interesting.

  1. (3)Samsung Galaxy S3

Although is it inferior to Galaxy S4 his successor technically almost in all aspects, it may be the S3 still secure a place in the top 5. Android 4.2.2 will bring exciting new features on the Smartphone, so you want it as a video on Sammobile shows, for example, new effects, and widgets for the LockScreen and new shortcuts for the SamsungUI-get typical drop-down bar. Finally, the S3 is now very cheap to get and price performance technically currently probably unbeatable.

  1. (4)Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 sold is still always well (37.4 million in Q1/2013), the new elongated shape with the larger 4 “-retina display well received among customers.” Annoyances like the missing complete LTE coverage to prevent a better placement.

  1. (5)HTC one X +

The one X + plays design and equipment technically still in the first division, it’s by default provides a 64 GB of storage. The Android 4.2.2 update gemunkelte for the summer and HTC sense 5.0 with BlinkFeed & co. will make the Smartphone even better.

8. (new) LG Optimus G

It took seven months to LG also finally brought the Optimus G in March with us in the stores. With the facilities it would have been enough in the fall to a top spot, now, but only room for the stylish device is in there with Crystal reflection back and glass coating. The TrueHD IPS +-display with authentic colours, the quad-core processor, LTE and the 13-mega pixel camera speak for the device.

  1. (6)Asus Padfone 2

The successor of Padfone 3 could conceivably assemble with hooves, to conquer the leaderboard in the summer. Already, the Padfone 2 is a neat piece of technology, especially the Smartphone that boasts IPS screen, quad-core processor and a 13-MP camera, which can hold up to 100 consecutive shots. The Tablet is not quite as good a figure at the resolution (1,280 x 800), otherwise the interaction with the phone works but very well.

  1. (new)Blackberry Z10

Just the hope of BlackBerry has managed 10 in our top. Equipment is good but by far not high-end, the new operating system BlackBerry 10 know that quite to please. The still-manageable app market and especially the mediocre camera and the weak battery made a higher entry in the top 10 but impossible.


The Padfone infinity, when it comes to us, would be a candidate for a top ranking. Otherwise, so far hardly right Kracher are announced for the summer, however, is still about a launch of a new iPhone (Apple iPhone 5 S) and the Motorola X rumored. Possibly, even Nokia with the recently presented Nokia Lumia 925 celebrates a return in the leaderboard.