The Toy Stores and Children’s Clothing Brands Miss

When you think of Paris to spend the holiday, not the shopping that comes first to mind. We’re not talking about Miami or New York, but with the prices that the Brazil comes practicing and, mainly, with the time of promotions in Europe, it is worth remembering that, in addition to the tours, you can also do a little shopping! Even more at the time of the balancesof summer (July/August) with models that adapt well to our climate.

Here’s a short list of cool brands to be visited, with the respective websites, then you are already giving a peek on the prices and outfits!

Clothes And Shoes (“Mode Enfants”)

Details that I like a lot:

-the clothes are divided by height (cm) or age, which is practical, relative to P, M, G, sometimes too generic. Know, however, that modeling is less than that of the United States.

-I love the quality of the fabric and kits of several shirts or bodies.

VERBAUDET (site in French here): clothing for pregnant women, infants, children up to 14 years. It also has shoes, accessories and room decor.

The brand also exists in Belgium, Switzerland, England, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

DU PAREIL AU MÊME ( super colorful clothes for babies, boys and girls up to 14 years.

The brand has 33 stores in Paris: list here, and also in Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain.

OKAÏDI ( creative clothes and accessories for children from 2 to 14 years. For minors, there is the OBAÏBItag within the same store.

PETIT BATEAU ( the brand is known for the quality of your mesh to babies and children but also has t-shirts for adults! The pieces are usually clean and Basic. Particularly, I like a lot of bodies to babies that open across his chest. And also of the various kits bodies.

(if the intention is to buy only bodies, they can also be found in supermarkets such as Auchan, Carrefour, etc.).

GAP ( clothing, sports and perky stripped for babies, children and adults. In the United States, the brand is cheaper, but in the time of promotions, it’s worth taking a look!

ZARA ( the Spanish brand has the child part with clothes for babies, toddlers to teenagers. The prices are far more competitive in Europe than in Brazil.

H&M (website here): the brand proposes to offer fashion and quality for an affordable price.

DECATHLON ( or GO SPORT ( sport shops, where you can find clothes and accessories for different sports sports brands or private label, cheapest, Quechua. Will also find sunglasses for children, bags, hoodies, Scooter, rollerblading, tennis …

and for special occasions and most luxurious brands: BONPOINT (website here), JACADI (website here), TARTINE ET CHOCOLAT (website here) that you can find in the Department stores Bon Marché, Galeries Lafayettes or Printemps.

Toys (“Jouets”)

TOYS R US (site in French here) American toy hypermarket. Has it all, for boys and girls of all ages! Since you’re in France, it’s worth taking a look at dolls Corolle (, a little more expensive than the other but with his French and Parisian-style dresses.

For babies, it’s worth also see part of babies, BABIES R US (site in French here), where strollers and car seats (40 euros) or travel COTS (30 euros) can be worth a lot to shame!

EVEIL ET JEUX OXYBUL ( educational toys, creative and interactive for all ages. A portion of the site (here) where the toys are selected for children with any disability: hearing, eye, psychomotricity thin … Unfortunately, it’s in French but if you need some help, leave a comment that I can help you in the translation.

Highlights also include the part of Accessories for children and infants. It’s worth looking at the slings, carriers, backpacks for travel and tours, bags and lunchboxes for kids. For example, I bought a backpack that allows me to have a free hand and helps me a lot: full of pockets, mat for diaper change, isothermal pocket for a bottle …

NATURE & DÉCOUVERTES ( this is a shop for small and large, curious and passionate about nature. Many objects and eco toys that teach respect for nature.

For example, this kit for a little Explorer discover the secrets of insects with backpack, binoculars, tweezers, magnifying glass.

LE BONHOMME DE BOIS ( can’t-miss shop full of playful and educational wooden toys.There’s only thing cool and different gifts! Hard to get out of there empty-handed.

LES ENFANTS DU MUSÉE: this shop is at the Carrousel du Louvre and has books, toys and games about art, painters and history. Very interesting to buy children’s books about Paris or to prepare visits to Museums. Each time you visit a Museum, take a check, because usually always has a shop with interesting items for children (this is the case in the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, Galerie de l ‘ Evolution, in Cité de La Villette, in the Centre Georges Pompidou.)