The Vintage Beauty Salon of El ManiquÍ Vintage and America Juan Hairdressers

Apart from half-world clothes, in El Maniquí Vintage you can also find unique and fashion-inspired events from other times, such as the Vintage Beauty Salon we celebrated last week at the Sant Sever store.

The event was especially notable for the collaboration of América Juan Peluquerías , with the presence of América (its founder) and Antonieta, who kindly gave up their equipment and their many years of experience in vintage carded.

The other protagonists of the evening were the models, six friends and clients of El Maniquí Vintage who kindly offered to look both carded and looks devised by Silvia Moyano and Neysha Style . The garments, divided in pieces of day, cocktail and night, evoked the most glamorous sixties.

As you can see in the photographs of Mayte Siller that illustrate this text (made in The Vintage Mannequin and also in the nearby Hotel Neri), the evening unfolded festively. There was no shortage of music, wine and nuts, nor during the event, which officially started at 8pm, or in the previous preparation of the models, at 6pm. Two hours before the cards were created, the models were made up and, finally, Silvia adapted the looks to the style of each one of them.

To sum up, the participants of the Vintage Beauty Salon were presented with a few paper bags courtesy of Scrap House Bonanova according to A jewel whose print is the work of the designer Marisa Bernal and the flower a creation of Dew Drops Dew Drops . Thanks once again to Mayte Siller for the assembly of the envelope.

We can only thank all the attendees and participants of the Vintage Beauty Salon for your confidence.We hope you enjoy this night of hairdressing and themed clothing as much as we do.

Until our next event!