This Flashlight Should Be Taken Away From Military Movement?

Paper lanterns give a festive air for almost all occasions. You can change the colors to match any season or celebration.

Hang this ornament at parties or to use as a main attraction. The following tips will help you make a decorative paper Lantern. Without further ADO, let’s get to it:

Method 1

Making A Lantern With handle

  1. Fold the paper.Take a piece of paper and fold it long in half. You can be a part of any size and weight. An A4 is good, but can be a cardboard or paper card. How much lighter the paper is, the more likely that the Lantern collapses with your own weight. You can use a one color or an album to make a decorative Lantern most joyful.
  1. Tear off the paper.Cut the folded edge, but not until the end. It’s up to you know what size you want to leave for the openings. The bigger the gaps, the more light it will pass and she will loose more. Decide what size and quantity of strips your flashlight will get.The number of strips will change completely the appearance of the flashlight. A distance of 2.5 cm is normal.
  1. Make a tube.Take the two ends of the paper and wrap them together to form a cylinder. Use tape or glue to join them. Do this throughout the length of the flashlight! Paste inside, so that it will not be visible. Use a stapler to attach the two ends of the flashlight.
  1. Make the handle.Cut another piece of paper to make a handle. If you used an A4 paper, the handle should be about 15 cm long and 2.5 cm wide. If you are hanging it, however, you do not need to necessarily a handle-you can hang the base, with a Ribbon or string.
    • If you hang it, however, you won’t need a handle-you can do it by a Ribbon or string.
  1. Place the handle.With glue or double-sided tape, attach the handle at the top from the inside of the flashlight. If the Lantern be very straight, bend it a little.Slowly, giving way to go her. The heavier for the role, the more you’ll need to force him to give a way.
  1. Have fun with the finished product. You can put a candle inside the Lantern, hang it on the ceiling, or use it as a decorative piece. As the Lantern is made of paper, just put the candle in the Center if you have a glass to put it.Put the candle in glass and place the flashlight around the glass to light it. Is better than the Cup is deep so that the flame does not burn the edge of flashlight and burn. Just put candle inside the flashlight if she is on a flat surface and not be hung from the ceiling or by the handle.

Method 2

Making A Lantern “Snowflake”

  1. Cut two circles of paper.With any blunt object, trace a circle in two pieces of paper and cut them with scissors.See if they were approximately the same size. Is it possible to make a circle of any size.Just remember that the bigger the circle, the greater the flashlight. You can use, the lid of a jar of cream, a bucket, or any other round object. You can also use any type of paper you want: white paper A4, colored cardboard, printed decorative paper, etc.
  2. Fold the first circle.Take one of the circles and fold it in half. Then fold it in half twice more. This will give you a final product like a slice of pizza (a long triangle with rounded base).
  3. Draw lines on the paper. Following the curve of the bottom of the triangle (the base of the pizza), draw lines across the length of the paper, but not too long to meet the other side. Start on the left side by drawing a slightly curved line to finish a little before (about 3 cm) from the right side. So, below this line you just trace, start at the right side and draw another line slightly curve that ends just before the left. Continue this pattern switched to paper basis (the tip of the triangle).
  4. Make a hole. Cut a little piece of the tip of the triangle, opening a hole in the paper.
  5. Cut the lines.Use scissors to cut paper the lines traced. Try to cut down on them, but don’t worry about being too perfectionist. Just take care not to accidentally crossing of a line to the other.
  6. Unfold the paper.Being careful not to rip any of delicate strips that cut, unfold the paper until it’s back to the form of an open circle.
  7. Complete another circle. Repeat steps 2 to 6 in the second circle you cut, to obtain two identical circles.
  8. Glue the two circles. Use a little glue to join them only on the outer edge. Do not attach the internal parts of the circles. Let the glue dry.
  9. Open the flashlight. Gently pull each side of the lantern so that parts can be opened, revealing the beautiful design that made them. Tie a string at the top (through a hole and outside edge) and hang it wherever you want to decorate.

Method 3

Making A Circular Lantern With Tissue Paper

  1. Choose a color.For this project, you will need a bit of tissue paper based on Legalarmist. The tissue paper will cover the whole globe of the flashlight, then buy an amount enough for this. You can use just one color of tissue paper, or opt for a multicolored Lantern.Choose any combination of colors you want, or to combine with the use you want to give to the light.
  2. Make tissue paper circles. Use any object in the shape of a circle (a coffee can lid, a small dish of salad, etc.) as a template to trace circles on the tissue paper. Depending on the size, you will need to have about 100 of these circles. Trace the circles on a seda integer, keeping them right next to each other to avoid spending a lot of material. Don’t do circles too big nor too small.If they are too big, the flashlight won’t be too wavy, and if the circles are very small, will have more work than necessary. Look for something the size of a coffee can lid.
  3. Cut the circles in the tissue paper. Use scissors to cut all circles. Deal with the tissue paper with care, because it is very thin and tears easily.
  4. Cover the bottom of the globe. Take one of your circles of tissue paper and paste it on this globe. See if you are pasting right in the middle of the bottom of your globe, to keep the same pattern that turn the globe.
  5. Make the bottom row with circles of tissue paper.Starting from the bottom of the globe, make rings of circles of tissue paper, pasting only the top edge of each circle of tissue paper over the globe. Verify that the bottom row of circles of tissue paper ends below paper globe lamp, which is to give fluidity and look fancier.
  6. Cover the entire globe lantern with tissue paper circles. Repeat step 5 until all he gets fully covered. As does each row from the bottom to the top, leave approximately 2.5 cm from the bottom row visible. So, your final product will have a visual on layers and decorated.