Tinker Zickzach Earrings with Swarovski

I have christened these earrings “Zigzag”. It is a known technique with rivet pins close to. The implementation is not difficult. If you can make it beautiful eyelet that is of course beneficial.

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Step 1
You thread a Pearl. Then you measure exactly 1 cm and as you bend the PIN. Of this piece, cut 8 mm and doing the a ring.
Step 2
Thread a bead onto the second pin. Then insert the PIN through the loop of the pen you have already finished. Because you measure 1 cm again, bend the PIN, 8 mm cut and loop. Exactly as described above.

Step 3
So do continue so long, you want to have your earrings! I’ve made 5 connections. More is of course. There are rotating earrings where the pearls of Crystal extra sparkle, pretty.

Small note, it is important just as long to make the length of the pins. You can change it, but then consistently stick with it. At the yellow earrings I have not measured it and in the end, the earrings are not quite evenly.
When the blue earrings I made me a bit more effort and worked out then great.

For this design of earrings, Crystal beads in CachedJewelry are quite handy. They are all so pretty uniformly great.

This technique is also great for bracelets, here an example with beads wax.