Topic Of The Day: Availability Of Ipads At Cyberport

Welcome to the Apple Circus!
It can not be denied, on today’s May 28, 2010, it is finally time: The iPad is released on the Teutonic mass of the willing to buy. Once again, a product with the bitten apple makes for ecstasy and loose-fitting bills-what does the crisis take care of us, we want to consume, and on the altar of the commerce, to make joyful dances.

Unfortunately, the dance event takes place only in a few places, MC Apple would like it so and the sales partners follow the instructions of the infallible clock pole. Cyberport, too, does not officially belong to the illustrious circle of salons and has to submit to the dictation from Cupertino-or not? Well, we have not spared neither cost nor effort, and have been able to “catch up” with the “Hintertür” entrance to the pleasures of pleasure.
Availability in the shops of Timelesstablets
In our cyberportSTOREs you can look at the iPad. Well, these copies are unsaleable samples, which were purchased by us on our own before (see also the numerous iPad reviews on my part). Since today noon we now also have a small number of German models, which can also be purchased in Dresden cyberportSTORE. Our Berlin outposts will probably be available for the evening as well as iPads. However, the current volume, which we could get hold, can only be called the proverbial drop on the hot stone. But how is it possible to order online?

Online orders
The possibility to order the iPads online has now been released as well , but the information “Delivery date undefined” is pending on all models. Since we have a large number of open orders in the backlog from our former pre- orders, this unsatisfactory situation will not change in the next three or four weeks.

In summary, it can be confirmed that the iPad has found its way to us, although more than a “placebo effect” does not affect the current delivery situation-waiting is announced. So considered no real news for potential and experienced Apple buyers.