Toshiba Portege Z830-10 K in the Test

With Microsoft Windows Professional, high-speed UMTS and Gigabit LAN adapter, the Ultrabook Portege Z830 aimed-10 K to professional users.

Already seen when opening the intricacies of sophisticated processing: A hand is enough to lift the anti-glare, 13.3-inch HD display, while the body in the magnesium housing is quietly stays on the surface.

Although the key travel through the flat construction is low, the keyboard is easy to operate. Our test device was however deficient: SPACEBAR not addressed repeatedly, so quite a few words lined in the flow of writing up. The backlit keyboard is permanently on and turn off or alternatively for inactivity per timer disable up to the next button.

The two push buttons for the left and right mouse button invisible are integrated in the large touch pad, but are clearly separated among them. Also, gesture control is not supported on a zooming with two fingers. This can be disabled the touchpad button above. This is an invaluable benefit for all those who like to put the mouse pointer while writing through accidental contact.


Above the keyboard, an another switch for quick access sits next to the buttons for power and the Toshiba eco utilities on the Intel WiDi technology. Thanks to this, the display contents can be transmitted wirelessly to a compatible screen. Alternatively, the Portege on the back has an output for a conventional RGB monitor, as well as an HDMI port in standard size.

Also a SD-card reader are not lacking. Traveling spark the Ultrabook up to 7.2 megabits per second via the integrated high-speed UMTS modem, that connects to an internal network in the high-speed Wi-FI standard, or alternatively using the Gigabit LAN adapter.

Assisted GPS is the wireless technology, pairings can be established via Bluetooth 3.0. For wired peripherals there are 2.0 ports, of which one has a special charge function and powered an attached device in standby and even switched off, depending on the Setup in the battery two USB in addition to a USB 3.0 interface. This can be handy if you about want to recharge the mobile phone in the train or on a drive without taking the computer is in use.

It is only confusing even then opens in the window with the load options, if one of the two other USB interfaces is addressed, although they do not support the function. You can however disable the Setup window for the future after the first release.

Main – and data storage

The memory can be extended by 4 gigabytes in the factory on 6. Striking out loud the fan of the Intel Core i5 processor clocked at 1.6 gigahertz works. This is a shame, because thanks to the solid state disk would otherwise hardly to hear the Ultrabook. There are currently only available in a version with 128 gigabytes the fast SSD memory.

Of which less than 100 gigabytes available are for the user. Are deducted from the allocated memory for the paging files and preinstalled software, less than 70 gigabytes for the own data left over from the nominal value.

For the continued use of Microsoft Office 2010, the user must buy only a product key. He is, however, already well supplied with the Professional Edition of Microsoft Windows that supports integration with remote desktop, XP mode, offline folders and other remote maintenance functions on a corporate network.

The endurance of the Portege Z830-10 K is five and a half hours in the acceptable range. The high price is justified by professional equipment.