Tour Georgia: The Peach State

Those who make a tour through Georgia will discover a fantastic mix between beautiful cities and impressive nature reserves. This multi-faceted state is located in the Southeastern United States and is surrounded by Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. Due to its location on the immense Atlantic Ocean, you will find sunny coastal areas in addition to rugged landscapes. Read here what you should not miss on a tour of Georgia!


According to smber, the city with the most inhabitants is the capital Atlanta, located in the north of the state. Most people in Georgia live in the metropolitan area around Atlanta, making it the cultural and economic center of Georgia. During your tour, a visit to Atlanta is very worthwhile. There is much to do and see, such as the World of Coca Cola (a museum about Coca Cola) and the Zoo Atlanta zoo. The enormous Georgia Aquarium and Stone Mountain also attract a lot of visitors. At Stone Mountain you can admire a huge rock 514 meters above sea level, a must-see during your tour of Georgia! Other beautiful cities are Columbus, Augusta, Savannah, Helen and Athens.


Towering mountains, vast forests, fresh green valleys and a wealth of wildlife are just some of the treasures that nature has to offer. Georgia’s mountainous landscape includes the Blue Ridge Mountains, part of the world-famous Appalachian Mountains. Beneath the Blue Ridge Mountains, in eastern Georgia, lies the impressive Fall Line. Here two plateaus meet: Piedmont and the Coastal Plains. This area is a true paradise for hikers and mountaineers. From the plateaus you overlook endless forests, valleys and mountain peaks: a must-visit during your tour!

The verdant landscape is crossed by numerous rivers including the Savannah River, the Chattahoochee River and the Appalachee River. Canoeing, boating and rafting are therefore popular outdoor activities during a tour of Georgia. Fishing, rock climbing, hunting and hiking the challenging Appalachian Trail are also very popular. During a walk you also have the chance to spot all kinds of wild animals such as beavers, snakes and foxes. When you go deeper into the wilderness, you enter the habitat of larger and more dangerous animal species. Coyotes, bears and lynxes live here. Rivers and bays are home to alligators, whales, turtles and heaps of fish.


Before the arrival of the Europeans, Georgia was inhabited by all kinds of Indian tribes, the Cherokee. Later, these were driven out of Georgia so that the pioneers could settle. Georgia also has a history of slavery. All these events have left their mark, including on the composition of the population. Some 60% are white, 30% African American , and a small portion Asian and Native American . More than half of all inhabitants are Christian. Georgia is mainly focused on agriculture, mining and industry. During your tour you will encounter vast agricultural areas.

Culture vultures will love the Atlanta metropolitan area. Many wonderful museums can be found here, including the High Museum of Art and the Michael C. Carlos Museum. Those who want to enjoy music and performances in Georgia can visit the Spring Opera House and the Atlanta Opera.


Georgia has a warm maritime climate. This means that winters are generally mild and summers very hot and wet. It can get warmer than 30 degrees! Summers are often very muggy and accompanied by rain and thunderstorms. In the winters it gets a lot colder, but at the coast the temperature is often still pleasant. In the north it can snow in the higher areas. At the mountains and plateaus such as Piedmont it is colder than at the ground and it can freeze in winter.

Tour of Georgia

A tour of Georgia usually starts in the capital Atlanta. How long you stay here depends on the number of sights you want to admire in this area. Many travelers then head north to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Chattahoochee National Forest. Then you head south again past Athens and Augusta, until you reach Savannah on the Atlantic Ocean. Those who want to explore the eastern part of the state as well, continue to Albany and Columbus, through beautiful natural areas. Once you have arrived in Columbus, you are once again close to Atlanta, the end point of a fantastic tour of Georgia!

Tour of Georgia

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