Tous: Welcome To Miami S/S 15

In the style of MIAMI, this is how TOUS presents its new collection S/S 15, full of color. In a beach-style d├ęcor, we showed what’s new in jewelry and bags for this season, without forgetting the basic mark.

Modernity and color is what characterises this collection, not leaving out the key piece of the firm, bear, view on each attachment, in a very discreet way.

One of the pieces that I stole my attention, is this ring in Sterling Silver vermeril, with a quartz crystal to the Center, in different colour tone cake, accompanied by bands of colors, which can be used with or without tires. A very original and in particular accessory is my favorite in this collection.

I bet you also FashionFans. A look that pays tribute.

The “Beach” models, are composed of necklaces, earrings and rings in yellow gold, highlight different gems as: chrysoprase, pink spinel, tanzanite, heliodorus, Garnet, apatite, Moon stone, Aquamarine and Peridot, is the freshest of this collection, taking as inspiration the leaves of Palm trees for your design.

Miamix, comprises earrings and rings in yellow gold, Ruby and turquoise, combined with a string of gems, has a more serious touch.

On the other hand “Heaven”, is characterized by tenderness and evil in his hanging three, the first is an angel in yellow gold with Pearl caught freshwater, the second a devil of white gold and Pink Sapphire and the third a bear in yellow gold.

By last “Tack”, consisting of necklaces, earrings and rings in sterling silver, having as design a peak and the famous bear of the firm.

The bags in linen and bovine leather in different colours for all styles could not miss.

Bracelets, rings and cuff links, in various colours, is the proposal of TOUS for men, being a supplement to achieve a more fun look.

No doubt the firm surprised us with this collection, being something other than what we are accustomed, filled much color, but without leaving out elegance that characterizes it.

And you FashionFans, that seemed the new collection by TOUS?