Twitter Changes Color Against AIDS

The unwary who access Twitter today, December 1, will not face with her ​​blue panties traditional look, but with a new red garment. The change in style was promoted on the site in support of the World Day to Combat AIDS.

The initiative was promoted in conjunction with the non-governmental organization JoinRed, which raises funds to fight the disease in Africa commercializing famous products – iPods, Dell notebooks or Nike shoes, for example – painted red. For those who do not know it is good to remember that the organization is headed by your holiness Bono, lead singer of U2.

How warns Twitter in your commemorative page, the JoinRed has a profile on the site and anonymous sailors can “do their part” the following and giving retweets in your messages.

Since the Facebook was a little more discreet in its awareness campaign and created a special page to support the initiative, which has only a video and images to users putting in place of your photos.