Types of Tourism in Argentina


The length of the coastline of Argentina is 2500 km. The largest seaside resorts in the country, where both visitors and the local population relax, are Miramar and Mar del Plata. Mar del Plata is located 400 km south of Buenos Aires. The beaches here stretch for 17 km, the resort has more than 600 hotels. The beaches in the resort are mostly municipal. The high season in Mar del Plata lasts from December to February, at which time a lot of tourists rest here and prices rise. The resort organizes daily boat trips on yachts and motor ships. Miramar resort is located south of Mar del Plata, but already in a temperate climate, so it is not very hot here. In January, the daily temperature is +25 degrees, and the water temperature does not exceed +22 degrees. Check top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Argentina.


Puerto Madryn is Argentina’s premier diving destination. It is located in Patagonia and is the starting point for travel to Valdes Island. There are many underwater parks here, the diving depth of which reaches 60 m. But the most interesting is diving “on the edge of the earth” in the vicinity of the island of Tierra del Fuego. The best time for diving here is from March to September. Visibility under water reaches 15 m, and the water temperature ranges from 0 to +4 degrees. Here you can see a variety of algae, white sponges that make the bottom seem to be covered with frost, starfish and spider crab, whose size can reach 1m, as well as dolphins. The wreck of the Monte Cervantes lies at the bottom of the Beagle Channel. The diving depth here is 40 m, so these places are only suitable for experienced divers.


The ski season in the Argentine Andes runs from May to September. The most famous resort in this direction is San Carlos de Bariloche. It is located in Patagonia in the Nahuel Huapi National Park on the shores of the lake of the same name, the area of ​​which is 557 square meters. km. The height of the ski base is 1000 m, and the elevation difference on the slopes varies from 1400 to 2388 m. There is a six-seater cabin lift, which is considered the best in all of South America.

In the summer, in Bariloche, on the local lake, you can hunt and fish, take an excursion to the myrtle grove, of which there are no more than 5 in the world, and in these places it occupies 17 hectares of land.

Argentina is also home to the world’s southernmost ski resort, Castor . suitable for skiers of all skill levels. The country’s oldest resort, La Jolla, is located in the Los Alerces National Park and is now famous for its freeride spots. For lovers of flat trails and snowboarding, the Bayo resort is suitable.


There are several volcanoes in the Argentine Andes. For tourists, the most suitable of them are the extinct Tronador volcano (3554 m), which is located near the ski resort of Bariloche, and the Lanin volcano (3776 m) in the National Park of the same name. The name Tronador in Spanish means “thunderer”. Climbing Tronador and Lanin are considered classic climbing routes.


In addition to the ocean, sun and beaches, Argentina also offers excellent treatment options. Within the country, the balneological resort of Terma de Copajo is very popular. It is close to the ski resort of Kawahoo. Treatment here is carried out with the help of hot springs, as well as with the help of a favorable microclimate and clean, dry air.


There are a lot of places in the country, untouched by man, where nature has been preserved in its original form. 20 National parks protect the flora and fauna of Argentina. Of these, we can distinguish – Los Cadones, El Cocuna, Iguacu, Fitzroy, Picomayo, El Palmar de Colon, Nahuel Huapi, Rio Pilcomayo, Tierra del Fuego, Los Glaciares, Lanin and El Rey, protected areas of the Ibero marshes and the Chaco plains.

In Los Cadones Park, which is located in the northwest of Argentina in the province of Salta, you can see giant cadon cacti, from which the Indians once built their houses. Tierra del Fuego

National Park is home to harbor seals and penguins. The Lanin National Park in the southern part of the country is known for its lakes and the volcano of the same name, and the smallest deer in the world, the pudu, is also protected here. LosAlerces National Park protects the rainforest vegetation. It is located near the resort of Bariloche. Vegetation species typical of the Patagonian Andes are protected in the park. The age of the local forests is estimated at 2-3 thousand years. In the National Park Los Glaciares in southern Patagonia has 47 glaciers, 13 of which go deep underwater on the coast.


Unlimited opportunities for hiking exist in the south of the country in Patagonia. The Andes region is also suitable for this type of tourism.

Types of Tourism in Argentina

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