Types of Tourism in Brazil


The beaches of Brazil are famous for fine white sand and warm sea. The most popular resorts in the country are as follows.

Angra dos Reis is a modern international tourist resort located just 155 km from Rio de Janeiro. Rest here is calm and comfortable. You can comfortably sit right on the ocean, on one of the most beautiful beaches. Angra dos Reis is an ideal holiday destination for couples with children, lovers of silence, nature, swimming and sports.

From above, Angra dos Reis looks like a huge pool of calm water, which reflects all the shades of green. Near the coast there are about 200 islands of various shapes and configurations. Scheduled ships, as well as the ability to charter yachts and motor boats, make it easy to get to any point of the coast or any island. Southwest of Angra lies the historic city of Paraty, the largest and best preserved colonial-era monument in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Check top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Brazil.

Ilya-Bela is located 200 km from the city. A very beautiful place. There are frequent ferries from the city of San Sebastian.

Ubatuba – a resort place 70 km from Sao Paulo on the way to Rio de Janeiro. The place is quite European, beautiful bays. Huge beach with fine sand. There are direct buses from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro . There are many hotels in the center and near the beaches and bays.

The Buzios resort is located on a peninsula 177 km north of Rio de Janeiro. Until the 60s, it was a fishing village, which eventually grew into an elite resort with luxurious hotels. and luxury villas and cozy bungalows. The cool current of the Atlantic cut the island into dozens of small bays, thanks to which the second name of Buzios appeared – Cape of a Thousand Faces. Buzios has a special dry temperate, almost Mediterranean climate. Since there is practically no winter here, the resort is open all year round.


The main attraction of Brazil is a statue of Christ the Savior. This building is considered a symbol of Rio de Janeiro. It stands on the top of the Corcovado hill (Corcovado means “hump” and quite aptly characterizes its shape) at an altitude of 704 meters. The height of the statue itself is 30 meters, not counting the seven-meter pedestal. One of the striking features of the landscape is Sugarloaf, a 395-meter-high mountain located at the mouth of Guanabara Bay.

The country has a large number of buildings of colonial architecture; there are museums in almost all major cities. The most interesting of them are in Rio de Janeiro:

the Museum of Modern Art (a collection of exhibits from many countries of the world), the National Museum (more than 4 million exhibits in geology, botany and anthropology), the Indian Museum, the Historical Museum, the Art Museum; in Brasilia is a museum of modern art.


The Brazilian jungle is the largest tropical forest in the world. For those who want to get acquainted with the wonderful world of wildlife in the jungle, hotels have been built. For example, the hotel “Ariau Amazon Towers” is located in the wilds of the Amazonian jungle. It is unique in that it is located high in the trees, connected by hanging bridges.


The Macuco Safari tour is very popular – it is a jeep ride through the forest along the Macuco road to the Iguazu Canyon formed over millions of years due to soil erosion. A short walk along the river on open boats in the immediate vicinity of the cascades of the waterfall. The most unforgettable thing is when during this boat trip tourists “rush” into the waterfall jets. Passengers of the boat will have a rare opportunity to take unique photographs of the waterfall, being in close proximity to it. Return by jeeps, which will be waiting on the banks of the river. After visiting Recife, you can travel by jeep to the suburbs located near Recife. Upon arrival at the farm, some local delicacies will be offered, as well as buffalo milk, coffee and fruit juices. Guests will be told about the history, national culture and ecology of the area.


IN BRAZIL it is quite developed. This type of tourism is popular among the local population, and among tourists – beginners, and among professional athletes.

The most interesting places to dive: the island of Fernando de Norona, the states of Pernambuco and Bahia.

Angra dos Reis is popular for its high quality golf courses and excellent tennis courts. Here you can rent a yacht, ride horses, play volleyball, football.

Types of Tourism in Brazil

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