Types of Tourism in Cambodia


Among the natural attractions in Cambodia, it is worth visiting primary forests (woodlands with no visible traces of previous or current human activity) in the Cardamom and Elephant Mountains, in the western spurs of the Kontum massif, in the provinces of Mondulkiri, Rattankiri, Stung Treng; seasonally flooded forests in the Tonle Sap Lake area, South Asian savannahs, mangrove forests, sea islands, national parks. The most interesting cultural monuments include the Angkor temple complex (VII-X centuries), the National Museum (Phnom Penh), Wat Phnom (Phnom Penh), Phnom Penh pagodas, the Tonle Bati temple complex (XII century), Phnom Da temple (I-III centuries). In Cambodia there are also ethnographic objects – floating villages on the Tonle Sap Lake, forest tribes in the provinces of Mondulkiri, Rattankiri, Stung Treng, in the Cardamom and Elephant Mountains, Phnom Penh bazaars.


The only, but widely advertised resort in Cambodia is Sihanoukville (formerly Kampong Saom). It is located 200 km southwest of Phnom Penh. You can get to it from the capital by bus, plane or train. Rest here is calm and modest. Sihanoukvillehas a great future Рall the land has already been sold here. In the future, it will become one of the all-inclusive resorts. Check top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Cambodia.

At present, to relax at sea, tourists most often go from Phnom Penh to the resorts of Thailand.


In December 2003, a dive club was opened in Sihanoukville , where you can rent equipment and use the services of an instructor-guide. The club organizes transfers to diving sites and individual dive tours. The South China Sea is distinguished by a variety of fauna: about 600 species of fish, a huge number of invertebrates, reef-building horn and soft corals. Depths at dive sites vary from 3 to 20 m, visibility – from 5 to 20 m. Water temperature is 26-28 o C.

Tik Sap River is also a place for diving. It is interesting for the bizarre bottom relief – the riverbed is a fault in the rocky base. The unusual underwater landscape is complemented by rich flora, as well as sunken trees and huge boulders. River depth – up to 10 m, visibility – 2 – 4 m, water temperature 20-24 o C.


Despite the fact that there are many unexplored and wild places in Cambodia, it is worth refraining from independent routes around the country, since not all of its territory has been cleared of mines since the civil war. You must either strictly adhere to tourist routes, or hire a guide. One of the few areas completely cleared of mines is Ratanakiri. It is a mountainous province that is still inhabited by isolated tribes. It is safe to come here, but it is better to travel with a guide, since the region has recently become a site of illegal logging, and therefore strangers with cameras and cameras are treated very wary here. It is better not to plan a trip for the rainy season, when roads are washed out and there are outbreaks of dengue fever. The main attraction of Ratanakiri is the beautiful volcanic lake Yak Lom, which has the shape of an almost regular circle and is surrounded by dense forest. In Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri there is an opportunity to take an elephant ride. Ream National Park is located 18 km from Sihanoukville.. The park was opened in 1993 and covers an area of about 20 thousand hectares, of which 6 thousand are sea waters. Here you can see several ecosystems at once Рcoasts, mangroves, tropical forests. There are 155 species of birds and monkeys in the park, and from December to February, you can see a white freshwater dolphin in the river waters. The reserve organizes a boat tour along the Prek Tuk Sap River to its confluence with the sea. The path passes through mangroves where you can admire tropical birds. On the way, a stop is made for a walk through the thickets, in a fishing village, on Koh Som Poch beach, where you can swim, sunbathe and snorkel. You can also climb the Mount of Adoration, from the top of which you can see the entire park.

Bokor National Park It is recommended to visit all lovers of extreme travel. Bokor – 140 thousand hectares of primary jungle and mountain savannas located in the Elephant Mountains. In the jungle you can make a hike with an overnight stay in hammocks. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you can take a short jungle survival course.

Rong Island is two mountain ranges of volcanic origin with a maximum height of 460 m above sea level, connected by a plain of alluvial origin. The mountain slopes of Rong Island are covered with moist monsoon forests. The plain is a grassy savannah with areas of light forest and small reservoirs. Where the rivers flow into the ocean, mangrove thickets have formed, they are especially developed on the eastern coast facing Kampong Saom Bay. Multi-day trips are organized on the island tours with the installation of the camp and hiking on its territory. In the vicinity of Rong there are several uninhabited islands.

For lovers of mountain biking in Cambodia, you can ride routes of various lengths (cross-country, freeride), but you need a guide and an escort car.

Types of Tourism in Cambodia

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