Types of Tourism in Chile


Chile is located on the Pacific coast. Here, in numerous lagoons, there are resort towns with magnificent beaches. Not far from Santiago is the most popular resort – Viña del Mar. It is better known as the “garden city” because of its many parks and gardens. But the coastal waters of the resort are not suitable for swimming due to the low temperature. The best way to relax here is to lie on the beach and sunbathe. In addition, the resort is known for its noisy music festival, which takes place annually on the third week of February and lasts 5 days.

In the very north of Chile, on the border with Peru, there is another resort city of Arica. . This is the perfect place for deep sea fishing. Moreover, here the water temperature is already more acceptable – in summer it is about +23 degrees. You can also relax in La Serna and Iquique in the northern part of the country, on the white sand beach Anakena Easter Island, on the Plava Arenal beach of the Juan Fernandez archipelago. Check top-medical-schools.org for travel information in Chile.

It must be remembered that you can only swim in strictly designated areas, as the coastal currents are quite strong. At the main resorts of the country, “solar lights” are installed, which warn of the activity of ultraviolet radiation. Green means that you can sunbathe, yellow – you can stay in the sun for no more than 5 minutes, red – urgently take cover in the shade, and purple warns that the danger is very high.


Nature Chile is very diverse and the local population cherishes it. With the help of the government, many national parks and reserves were created here, which are visited by tourists with pleasure.

For example, the Lauca National Park has been declared a biosphere reserve of world importance by UNESCO. It is located on the border with Bolivia. A visit to the park necessarily includes climbing an extinct volcano, in the crater of which there is Lake Chungara.

In the Villarrica National Park, you can go to Lake Carbugua, the hot springs of Mamina and the picturesque waterfalls of the Eagle’s Nest.

The main attraction of the Torres del Paine National Park which covers an area of 1630 sq. km, are towers. These are natural formations that arose during the collision of two lithospheric plates, which gave rise to the Andes.

The Puyehu National Park is very popular. Here, among the mountain forest, you can admire the volcano, lakes, thermal springs and waterfalls. Of the animals in this area live puma, pygmy deer “pudu” and a rare bird – the Chilean river duck.

Hornopyren National Park is named after the volcano located here. Its main attraction is hot springs. In addition, it is worth visiting the National Park on the island of Chiloe. It is connected to the mainland by a ferry and here you can see penguins. Almost every National Park in Chile is located in the foothills of a volcano.


On the territory of Chile are the Andes mountains, the peaks of which are always covered with snow. This is a great place for skiing, and the local resorts have everything to ensure that the tourist is satisfied with his vacation. The season runs from June to October.

The main ski resorts are located near Santiago.

Valle Nevado is the most modern resort in Chile. It is located 60 km from the capital of the country on the slopes of Mount El Plomo. The resort has more than 30 pistes, among which there are “black” (35%), there are slopes for snowboarding and heliskiing, flat pistes and 40 lifts. Some of the slopes of this resort can only be reached by helicopter.

The resort of Portillo is located 145 km from Santiago at an altitude of 3322 m on the lake. In 1966, the Alpine Skiing World Cup was held here. The height difference within the resort is 812 m, and skiing here will be more comfortable for beginner skiers and children.

Very interesting complex of resorts Farellones – El Colorado – La Parva. Together they form the largest ski area in South America. El Colorado is located at an altitude of 3025 m, the elevation difference here is 903 m. 34 trails are available to vacationers, the longest of which is 2.2 km, as well as a snowboard park. Termas de Chillán is located in southern Chile. It is located at an altitude of 1600 m on the slopes of Chilyan volcano. The resort includes 28 runs, one of which is the longest downhill run in South America. For those who do not like extreme sports, snowmobiling and dog sledding are sure to please. In the south, 8 km from Punta Arenas, there is the most unusual ski resort of El Mirador. This is the only ski resort in the world that is located on the ocean.

In the vicinity of many resorts there are mineral springs, which include sodium, potassium, sulfate, lithium, iron and sulfur. On their basis, thermal pools have been created that help vacationers relax and improve their health. These places include – Marnika, Chillana, Uife, Puyuhuapi, Panimavida, Cuinamavida, Cuitralco, Surire, Cahuelmo, Quitralco, Porcelana or Puyuhuapi.

In addition to skiing in the Andes region, you can go rafting on the mountain rivers Aconcagua or Biobio, as well as mountain climbing.

Types of Tourism in Chile

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